KUNAL GUPTA says (re: the term "CHEFS")

bad word. janitors.

hard to articulate this in about 1 minute - but i wonder if each project at the silent barn might consider who we are of service to.

pllc -> service to the silent barn kitchen community
meetings -> service to silent barn community
real estate -> service to the silent barn kitchen community, silent barn general community
newsletter -> service to the silent barn kitchen community, silent barn supporters, silent barn general community
kickstarter -> service to silent barn supporters
ditko zine library -> service to zines community
babycastles -> service to babycastles community
hip hop shows -> service to young independent hip hop in new york
nat roe's curations -> service to experimental musicians 

i feel like "chefs" facilitate those above communities.  i feel like janitors/custodians is a more accurate word.  we take care of all the muck that it takes to host those communities.  that's the only thing a "chef" is. that's the only thing that deserves a vote a the silent barn kitchen. i think we should split silent barn into programs that service communities (specific or general) and consider chefs/janitors the people that can really take responsibility to host and understand the needs of those communities, and nobody else is a chef/janitor.   that makes our votes really interesting, and from the perspective of hands on experience of what is important to the various communities that inhabit the space, and stuff that we wouldn't really know without the experience of each other.  i think a sort of shift to literal community service can really inform the shape of the silent barn, and make really interesting contributions to a conversation about, for example, muchmore's, where we can vote/converse by wondering what hip hop, avant garde music, newsletter, ditko, etc would get out of the space, and with our votes standing for our co-existing communities.

Can't figure out a way to update chefs except manually each week. 

A combination of voting, meeting, and thread participation is a good metric to lean on for now.