Hi there. Our up-front costs for building the new Silent Barn are massive. Please consider supporting us by buying "barnacles" (short explanation is that it means buying beer beforehand...lol...yep...more info is at the below link) or by donating via paypal, your support is invaluable as we CRUNCH SUPER HARD to make our dreams real! Thanks as always.

As a means of funding the new Silent Barn we have created a new experimental form of currency: The Barnacle.



No, not those. The Barnacle is a wooden disk with a red silkscreened heptagon on it surrounded by a red yarn fringe. Or something like that.

What we do know is that The Barnacle is based on the concept of The Heptagon. Almost anything cut into a particular heptagon will do. In our attempt to program even creative economics into our new wacky utopia, and in the grand tradition of the Ithaca Hour we are issuing The Barnacle, a new subscription to events and food and small objects in our gigantic complex. Like drink tickets, but for everything. Getting a Barnacle subscription is like buying beer or roasted garlic on a stick or bucket of cherry tomatos or admittance to a show or scrambled eggs or anything in our new space into the future. Its a way to help support the Silent Barn, buit its also supporting your future good times in the Silent Barn. They can be collected, traded and exchanged for goods an services between people experiencing a new silent barn. 

Silent Barn - $1000 Donation

1 Year Barnacle Subscription Package

Silent Barn - $500 Donation

6 month Barnacle Subscription

Silent Barn - $ 250 Donation

3 month Barnacle Subscription