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We are now accepting applicants to join our illustrious STEWDIOS roster. SUBMIT. Send us an email to to get all the details on how YOU can be involved. FRESH BLOOD.




Silent Barn TV April 2014
Featuring new performances from:

Despise You

Also, check out these photos of recent shows

Ashcan Orchestra(03/25/14)

Ava Luna(03/25/14)

Backslider (04/04/14)

Baked (01/30/14)

Despise You (04/04/14)

Headaches (03/21/14)

Magrudergrind (04/04/14)

Melissa F. Clarke @ Pleasure Jail (03/06/14)

Mister Matthews (03/22/14)

Narwhalz of Sound (03/31/14)

Secret Boyfriend (03/23/14)

Seth (03/28/14)

Close Your Eyes I'm Changing (04/11/14)

On a Clear Day
_ Ende Tymes Festival IV _


May 8-10 @ The Silent Barn
May 11 @ Outpost Artists Outpost Artists Resources

For more info visit Half Normal

_ The CSAA presents: Flight Song_

On Saturday, April 19 from 6 to 8 pm, CSAA is proud to present Flight Song, an immersive sound installation by Sari Carel.

Approaching Bushwick’s Silent Barn as a natural ecosystem unto itself, Carel spent the past four months making field recordings of creaks, murmurs and disembodied voices from within the renowned DIY arts center. Weaving these strands of sound together, Flight Song traverses time and re-mixes architecture and space to create a sonic landscape by using the tools of ornithology and zoology.

The sound piece is accompanied by mixed-media works on paper that draw inspiration from modernist architecture and discarded urban detritus such as lost coins and molted feathers. Together these disparate elements transform notions of the visual and the auditory into delayed reminders of each other.

The opening of Flight Song will be accompanied by a live performance by composer and musician, David Maxwell who will create an improvisational work as an aleatory response to Carel’s sound collage.

_ Awesome Happenings @ Silent Barn _

The Fête of Mistakes (04/05/14)

The Fête of Mistakes (04/05/14)

Silent Barn fridge diorama

A Game Show Benefitting Mellow Pages Library (04/02/14)

Sheyl Oppenhein - Regressive No Information
@ (Scientific) Abstract Art

Fixing up the front

_ Silent Barn Instajam _

We've been throwing up a lot of cool photos of all the awesome things happening at Silent Barn recently. But if any of you take a photo of something awesome happening at the Silent Barn make sure you tag it with #SILENTBARN so we can find it share it with everyone in this here newsletter or contact us with your photos.

_ Maharadja Sweets / Tethers (05/09/14) _
_ Thank You For Your Support _

A special thank you to our community of supporters and those who gave to Silent Barn Holiday Fundraiser!

“Santa Claus” and 20 anonymous elves, Evans Wohlforth, Kunal Gupta, Drew McDowall, Jakob Trollback, Brandon Zwagerman, Brian Brennan, Control Synthesizers & Electronic Device, Hillary Livingston, Marina O'Brien, Nicholas Croft, Patty Conway, Rachel Petersman, Ryan Walsh, Bob Reich, Ari Zeiguer, Heather Corcoran, Jessi Frick, Ad Hoc (, Sarah Halpern, Stacie Plassche, Joe Plourde, Tristan Perich, Haley Duffy, Laura Blosser, Maia Murphy, Lyndsey Albertson, Justin Oren

Thank you to the 7 Pillar Chefs of the Silent Barn, without which we could not have created this physical space!

Joe Ahearn, Jane Dickson, Robin Enrico, “Thurston Moore”, DRACULA, Aaron Isaksen, Tom Swirly

And last but not least, thank you to our 753 supporters who gave to Rebuilding the Silent Barn Kickstarter. Without you, the Silent Barn would not be possible.


As for everyone else, please watch this video and then consider donating to the Silent Barn

_ Volunteer Call Out _
<<< To get involved at the Silent Barn, please take the Barn Exam >>>

---> Web Design / Content Sous Chefs:

Also, we're currently looking to expand our web presence and could use some new helpers to manage content on our Tumblr / Twitter / Youtube / Instagram / new website etc. If interested please contact our Web Content Chef

---> Outreach Chef / Sous Chef:

The Silent Barn continues to build infrastructure for marketing and participation structures as wide-reaching as we can, and funds programs that bring as diverse a set of community voices into Silent Barn as possible.

If you're interested in joining us, have 3-6 hours avaiable weekly, and are excited to take charge creatively over a project, please contact us at and join us!



Are you super organized and always getting things done and looking for ways to help out at silent barn? Stewdios Working Group is looking for someone that loves to take notes, schedule meetings & can clearly and consistently communicate information with the massive network of the other working groups that make up our collective! Commitment would be about 3 hrs/wk + weekly/bi-weekly meetings.

---> Grant Researchers, Writers and Editors:

Responsible for researching grants and/or the bulk of the writing and editing after we choose to pursue a particular grant. Great way to gain grant-writing experience and learn about nonprofit organizations and funding in the arts.

We have biweekly meetings and ask that volunteers commit to 2-4 hours a week, but the time commitment is very flexible. Email if interested.

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