Sewing Instructions
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Materials Needed

  • Top layer, Lining and Inserts - Pre-washed and dried cotton flannelette, please do not use fabric softener
  • Bottom layer – Water repellent fabric, to help prevent leaks
  • thread
  • Velcro

Tools needed

  • Pen/pencil/fabric marker
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron for pressing

Cutting the fabric

Trace pattern pieces onto the fabric and cut out.

You will end up with 6 pieces for each pad

The Oval piece is the pad top and will be the template that you sew to. Cut one from flannel

The Long Narrow Rectangle shaped pieces is the lining which will be attached to the backside of your flannel top. Cut two from flannel or you may use a thin toweling material, 

The  Half Ovals is the pad bottom; you will need to cut two of these out of your water repellent fabric. 

You will also need to cut one rectangle of flannel, approx. 23cm x 55cm (this is the insert)

 Sewing your pad

Step 1.  Double fold and hem the straight edges of the moisture resistant backing, carefully press. 

Step 2.  Layer the two pieces of lining, one on top of each other. Serge the two long straight edges. If you do not have a Serger, straight stitch the edges and turn right side out, press.

Step 3. Centre the lining piece on to the back of the flannel oval and pin in place.                          

Step 4. Sew in place and press.

Step 5. Flip your oval over, with right sides of fabric together, pin the bottom sections to the top section as shown, the X marks the wrong side of the fabric

6) Sew all the way around the pad about 1/4th inch in from the edge, press the flannel side

7) Trim and notch the seam allowances at both ends

8) The pad is now sewn inside out; you will need to flip the pad right side out

9) Press the pad with a hot iron (on the flannel side only)

 Option: you may want to top stitch around the top of the pad

10) Fold and Press

 11) Sew on the Velcro

12) Take your rectangle piece of flannel that you’ve cut for your insert. Finish all the edges

Fold it up and insert in the pocket.