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Accepted papers

List of accepted papers (inlcuding tentatively accepted papers and short papers)

 Paper-#    Authors Paper Title
 1Yuhao Zheng and David Nicol A Virtual Time System for OpenVZ-Based Network Emulations
 3Jose Ricado Da Silva Júnior, Esteban Walter Gonzalez Clua, Paulo Aristarco Pagliosa, Anselmo Montenegro, Cristina Nader Vasconcelos and Marcos Lage Two-way real time fluid simulation using a heterogeneous multicore CPU and GPU architecture
 9Cheng Liu and Wentong Cai Collaborative InterestManagement for Peer-to-Peer Networked Virtual Environment
 10Michael Raab, Steffen Masik and Thomas Schulze Support System for HLA-based Distributed Simulations in Industrial Applications
 11Sören Bergmann and Sören Stelzer Approximation of dispatching rules in manufacturing control using artificial neural networks
 17Claudia Szabo and Yong Meng Teo An Analysis of the Cost of Validating Semantic Composability
 19Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach, Claude Mazel and David Hill Pseudo-Random Number Generation on GP-GPU
 22Lili Chen, Yashuai Lü and Yiping Yao The Optimizations for Time Warp on Multi-Core Environments
 23Bonan Hou and Yiping Yao Empirical Study and Predictability of Entity Interaction Graph for Large-scale Parallel Simulations
 29Matthew Holly and Carl Tropper Parallel Discrete Event N-body Dynamics
 30Changho Sung and Tag Gon Kim Framework for Simulation of Hybrid Systems: Interoperation of Discrete Event and Continuous Simulators Using HLA/RTI
 31Giulia Pedrielli, Paola Scavardone, Walter Terkaj, Marco Sacco and Tullio Antonio Maria Tolio Simulation of complex manufacturing systems via HLA-based infrastructure
 33Roberto Zunino Trading Computation Time for Synchronization Time in Spatial Distributed Simulation
 38Imran Mahmood, Rassul Ayani, Vladimir Vlassov and Farshad Moradi Fairness Verification of BOM-based composed models using Petri Nets
 39Srikanth Yoginath and Kalyan Perumalla Efficiently Scheduling Multi-core Guest Virtual Machines on Multi-core Hosts in Network Simulation
 40Ya-Lin Huang, Christos Alexopoulos, Richard Fujimoto and Michael Hunter On the Accuracy of Ad Hoc Distributed Simulations for Open Queueing Networks
 42Sebastiano Peluso, Diego Didona and Francesco Quaglia Application Transparent Migration of Simulation Objects with Generic Memory Layout
 50Abhishek Gupta, Maria Hybinette and Cole Sherer Adaptive Message Clustering for Distributed Agent Based Systems
 51Ning Liu and Christopher Carothers Modeling Billion Node Torus Networks Using Massively Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation
 55Ryan Mcnally, Matthew Barnes and Dk Arvind A Pragmatic Approach to Wireless Channel Modeling in Built Environments
 57Zengxiang Li, Wentong Cai, Xueyan Tang and Suiping Zhou Dead Reckoning-Based Update Scheduling Against Message Loss for Improving Consistency in DVEs
 63Nathanael Van Vorst, Miguel Erazo and Jason Liu PrimoGENI: Integrating Real-Time Network Simulation and Emulation in GENI