Tuesday, June 14th 2011

On site registration & Welcome cocktail

Wednesday, June 15th 2011

9:30 10:30 Keynote Talk 1: Simon J E Taylor,
Realising Parallel and Distributed Simulation in Industry: A Roadmap

(Session Chair: Steffen Strassburger)
10:30 11:00 Coffee Break

Session 1: Parallel Discrete Event Simulation
(Session Chair: Jason Liu)
11:00 11:30 Parallel Discrete Event N-body Dynamics, Matthew Holly and Carl Tropper
11:30 12:00 Modeling Billion-Node Torus Networks Using Massively Parallel Discrete-Event Simulation, Ning Liu and Christopher D. Carothers
12:00 12:30 Empirical Study on Entity Interaction Graph of Large-scale Parallel Simulations, Bonan Hou, Yiping Yao, and Shaoliang Peng
12:30 13:30 Lunch

Session 2: Distributed Virtual Environments
(Session Chair: Teo Yong Meng)
13:30 14:00 Collaborative Interest Management for Peer-to-Peer Networked Virtual Environment, Cheng Liu and Wentong Cai
14:00 14:30 Dead Reckoning-Based Update Scheduling Against Message Loss for Improving Consistency in DVEs, Zengxiang Li, Wentong Cai, Xueyan Tang, and Suiping Zhou
14:30 15:00 Trading Computation Time for Synchronization Time in Spatial Distributed Simulation, Roberto Zunino
15:00 15:30 Coffee Break

Session 3: Interoperability and Composability
(Session Chair: Rassul Ayani)
15:30 16:00 Framework for Simulation of Hybrid Systems: Interoperation of Discrete Event and Continuous Simulators Using HLA/RTI, Changho Sung and Tag Gon Kim
16:00 16:30 An Analysis of the Cost of Validating Semantic Composability, Claudia Szabo and Yong Meng Teo
16:30 17:00 Fairness Verification of BOM-based composed models using Petri Nets, Imran Mahmood, Rassul Ayani, Vladimir Vlassov, and Farshad Moradi

Thursday, June 16th 2011

9:00 10:00 Keynote Talk 2, David R.C. Hill
Distribution of Random Streams in Stochastic Models in the age of multi-core and manycore processors

(Session Chair: Olivier Dalle)
10:00 10:30 Coffee Break

Session 4: Advanced and Distributed Simulation in Manufacturing Applications
(Session Chair: Wentong Cai)
10:30 11:00 Simulation of complex manufacturing systems via HLA-based infrastructure, Giulia Pedrielli, Paola Scavardone, Tullio Tolio, Marco Sacco, and Walter Terkaj
11:00 11:30 Support System for HLA-based Distributed Simulations in Industrial Applications, Michael Raab, Steffen Masik, and Thomas Schulze
11:30 12:00 Approximation of dispatching rules in manufacturing control using artificial neural networks, Sören Bergmann and Sören Stelzer
12:00 13:00 Lunch

Session 5: Network Simulation and Emulation
(Session Chair: Carl Tropper)
13:00 13:30 A Virtual Time System for OpenVZ-Based Network Emulations, Yuhao Zheng and David M. Nicol
13:30 14:00 Efficiently Scheduling Multi-core Guest Virtual Machines on Multi-core Hosts in Network Simulation, Srikanth B. Yoginath and Kalyan S. Perumalla
14:00 14:30 PrimoGENI: Integrating Real-Time Network Simulation and Emulation in GENI, Nathanael Van Vorst, Miguel Erazo, and Jason Liu
14:30 15:00 A Pragmatic Approach to Wireless Channel Simulation in Built Environments, Ryan Mcnally, Matthew Barnes, and Dk Arvind
15:00 15:30 Coffee Break
15:30 17:00 Panel Discussion: Future Trends in Distributed Simulation and Distributed Virtual Environments – Revisited
(Chair/Convener: Steffen Strassburger)
Panelists: George Riley, Gabriel Wainer, Kalyan Perumally (unconfirmed), Simon Taylor, Carl Tropper, Wentong Cai
17:0017:30 PADS Business Meeting
19:30 22:00 Gala Diner at Negresco's "La Rotonde"

Friday, June 17th 2011

Session 6: GPU and Multicore Computing
(Session Chair: George Riley)
9:00 9:30 Two-way real time fluid simulation using a heterogeneous multicore CPU and GPU architecture, José Ricado da S. Junior, Esteban Clua, Anselmo Montenegro, Marcos Lage, Cristina Vasconcellos, and Paulo Pagliosa
9:30 10:00 Pseudo-Random Number Generation on GP-GPU, Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach, Claude Mazel, and David R.C. Hill
10:00 10:30 A Well-Balanced Time Warp System on Multi-Core Environments Lili Chen, Yashuai Lü, Yiping Yao, Shaoliang Peng, and Lingda Wu
10:30 11:00 Coffee Break

Session 7: Simulation Techniques
(Session Chair: N.N.)
11:00 11:30 On the Accuracy of Ad Hoc Distributed Simulations for Open Queueing Network Ya-Lin Huang, Christos Alexopoulos, Richard Fujimoto, and Michael Hunter
11:30 12:00 Application Transparent Migration of Simulation Objects with Generic Memory Layout Sebastiano Peluso, Diego Didona, and Francesco Quaglia
12:00 12:30 Adaptive Message Clustering for Distributed Agent-Based Systems Cole Sherer, Abhishek Gupta, and Maria Hybinette
12:30 12:45 Closing Session
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