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Armstrong Lodge        #239 
Howard D. Berner, PM        724 354 5127 
 SEC. John Lowers             724 295 9675
306 Fourth Street 
Freeport, PA 16229  
3rd Monday

Kittanning-East Brady Lodge #244
Richard J. Kirscht                    412 600 8765
sec William H. Rush, PM           724 548 7337 
Rte 66 & 85 Rayburn Township
Kittanning, PA 16201
1st Tuesday

Indiana-Franklin Lodge #313
B. Charles Albright                  724 465 9689
sec Norman R. McKee             724 349 1565         
 42 South Eleventh Street  
 Indiana, PA 15701
2nd Tuesday


Williamson Lodge #431
Jack M. Ruebel, PM           724 639 8469
sec Edward L. Feiling, Jr     724 639 3150
526 High Street  
Saltsburg, PA 15681
1st Tuesday


Apollo Lodge #437  
Gary Dickenson             724 325 1348
sec Ronald R. Fulton         724 478 4824
219 First Street  
Apollo, PA 15613
2nd Tuesday


Argyle lodge #540
Shane F. Conner, PM                724 290 0328
sec LeWayne E. Rottman,  PM     724 756 1200                     

Rte 68  
 Chicora, PA 16025

Mailing Address:
c/o LeWayne E. Rottman
100 Hemlock Rd
Petrolia, PA 16050

2nd Tuesday

Kiskiminetas Lodge #617   
David P Coyle, PM                 724 845 4941
sec Edward A. Dennison, PM    724 567 5287
113 Washington Avenue 
Vandergrift, PA 15690  
1st Tuesday

John E. Mair Lodge #729
Paul C. Seufert, PM          724 625 6399
sec Benjamin W. Lutz        724 282 4353
Clay Avenue
Mars, PA 16046
2nd Tuesday

Seneca Lodge #805   
        Richard T. Cribbs     724 763 1209
sec Thomas E. Prager    724 545 1892
  Rte 66 & 85 Rayburn Township 
Kittanning, PA 16201
1st Wednesday

A Mason, we will call him John, was sitting alone in his back yard casually tending a small fire of sticks and limbs he had picked up after a windstorm.  As he set peacefully watching the fire flickering in the breeze, the “Senior Warden” of his Lodge walked up and set down next to him not saying a word.  Both felt the warmth of the fire as they set watching the coals glowing red-hot.  John, knowing the Senior Warden was going to invite him to Lodge finally said: “Now look brother Senior Warden, I’m a good Mason.  I pay my dues each year, other people know I’m a Mason and I don’t need to go to any lodge meetings or events to remain a good Mason”.

About that time, a hot coal popped from the fire and landed about a foot away from the others.  Both men sat quietly watching as this coal, now sitting all alone, quickly lost its glow and warmth and soon began to die out.  The Senior Warden gently guided the coal back into the fire and it soon became red hot again as it shared in the warmth of the others.  John, with a smile on his face, casually turned to the Senior Warden and said.  “I’ll see you in Lodge this week my Brother”.  

 You’re friend and Brother
John N. Starkey
Past Master
Fairmount Lodge #635 
F & A M

(Reposted without permission from an email. )

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