The Robotics and Intelligent Vehicles Research Laboratory (RIVeR Lab) at WPI was founded in 2010. Our research is aimed at advancing the capabilities of autonomous robots and intelligent vehicles. Research activities in the RIVeR Lab focus on design, analysis, implementation and control of intelligent vehicles, mobile robots, walking robots, manipulators and adaptive systems. Aligned with WPI's core values, Lehr and Kunst, excellence, close faculty/student interaction, collaborative learning and research, respect for all members of the WPI community, our projects bring science and technology together with real-world problems.

Ongoing Projects

This project started in late August of 2010 and Ben has been designing for several months. The project focuses on designing an omni-directional robotic platform that will be used to test localization and mapping using an infrared laser and low cost camera. Click here to check out the project.  

This project began in September 2010.  Dan is working on machine vision algorithms that can effectively detect lanes on a road for autonomous vehicles.  The project focuses on developing methods that are effective in challenging conditions such as varying illumination, fog, and rain.

Reconfigurable Legged Robot (KG)-
This robot started as an MQP design, and KG plans to teach it to walk. The robot has a base and 12 ports on which to plug in any number of modular three jointed legs.  KG is putting together a simulation of the robot in Matlab which includes the transformation matricies, forward and inverse kinematics, and single leg dynamics. Currently KG is setting a gait and stepping movements for the legs, which will have independent controllers. The simulation also includes a strange stick figure model shown in the figure.

Completed Projects