"Every artist has an innate responsibility to        

make a statement with his art."  

 - Arthur Miller

      "Good evening Mr. & Mrs. reader and all the ships at sea! FLASH! This just in":

Finally, after months of haggling over prices, redesigning covers to within .5 mm and enough phone calls to float AT&T for a month, The American Way is on both the actual as well

as virtual bookshelves. Kindle, Mobibooks, or good ol' fashioned PB, (that's paper back for those of you born after 1980).


For electronic formats go to:




For paperbacks go to:




Pre sales have been appreciable and a great launch party is scheduled for this coming Thursday, 7pm at powers Court in City Centre.  All welcome.

Rob Brown's cosy little book shop on Abbey St. above the Twisted Pepper Café is where I'll be camping out for a week writing a novella. Live in person. Right there in the shop.


I had a WDAR 96FM interview this week to promote The American Way, (see menu to the left), it will be pod cast at some point in the next week on the 96FM with

Brendan Nolan's show web site.




Irish World London have asked for an interview which, considering the way Shelly Marston wrote about Operation Underworld, I am very happy to do.

And last but not least, (I hate that fucking cliché, but it's too early to think of another one), there's a great vid on You Tube under: American Way Book Trailer, Paddy Kelly.




Check it out.


            And that's all the updates for now. As soon as the people from the Noble Foundation come to their sense and give me a ring, I'll let you know!

    A very nice fan posted what is become one of the latest trends in
literary promotion, Book Trailers. If go to this link: 
you can watch an exciting book trailer for Operation Underworld.
    Operation Underworld got a very nice review from book critic Hilary White of The Sunday Independent. Here's a 
     "Dock workers shout and swear coarsely. You can almost smell the creosote and tobacco smoke as they do while
the impression of a New York metropolis coming into its own is particulary potent. 
As a narrator he never has us at a loss as to our location, and using something of a film maker's pallate,
he lets the streets and docksides of New York become a central character in their own right."


                                                               - Hilary A. White, The Sunday Independent


  Was unable to down load the entire article but if you really would like to see more you can go to the PR Page,which is located at the bottom of the LIKKS page.(see the menu at top left).



       Many thanks to Mr. White.

    Here are some other updates;
The London World were kind enough to do an article on me and that is now up on the site, on the Press Page which you can find if you go to the bottom of the'LINKS' page. It's also posted on Legend's site which you can reach through the Links page as well.

    I was kindly invited onto the Sean Moncreiff radio show
where Sean considerately interrupted his flow of dozens of texts
in response to the question of how to get in and out of public
toilets without touching the door handles. We had a nice on-air
discussion about the history of the Mafia and my new novel,
Operation Underworld

    Ros Dee, Editor at the Irish Daily Mail featured me in a
full page article, (SEE; PR Page).
    Legend are proposing to have me over to the U. K. for a
little speaking tour in the Spring. That's gonna eat into
Bruce Springsteen tickets! (Sorry Bruce). 

    I've had a few inquiries about the thumbnails at the bottom of the page.
Basically they're posters and icons related to the four novels comprising
The Building of Empire series. So if you read the enclosed, relevant synopsis of
each novel, you'll get the connections.
    Meanwhile if you have any questions, comments or snide remarks
be sure to mail me at the below address and let us know you're out there.

    The literary pages give the genre, synopsis, back ground and
a sample of each work along with some relevant graphics.
    Also, thanks to my agent pushing me day and night, there's
a new PR/Press Page accessible by going to the bottom of the
'BIO' page or through the 'Links' page.
    They'll be frequent updates and, as always, feedback is
very welcome.

    "Absorb influence. Exude originality."
                                                                           - PK

If you've made it this far you certainly have earned
 the right to suggest anything you might like see or read
on my Home Page. So please, do keep the cards and letters coming.

Thanks again for all your support.



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