Nimis Kahpimotate - Sister Journey

 In 2012, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission ( is traveling throughout Saskatchewan as part of its 5 year mandate to travel across Canada to listen to and record the truth about Indian Residential Schools, and to begin a process of healing and reconciliation for all Canadians.
    A group of 16 Saskatchewan women, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, have been journeying together since May. We spent a prep weekend getting to know one another at Anglin Lake in May, and since many of us have gathered at the TRC National Event in Saskatoon, and most recently 15 of us spent 5 days together paddling and camping on beautiful Lac la Ronge. Our journey together has just begun! We see this journey as a concrete way of sharing truths and stories with each other, sharing laughter and fun, pain and tears, nurturing friendships and encouraging healing and reconciliation with each other, and between our communities.
Our canoe trip took place between August 12 and 18, 2012. Participants will be updating these pages with photos, poems and thoughts about what our Sister Journey has meant to each of us.  Please keep posted.
  Photos Above from left to right (Photos taken by Maggie King)
1. Angela Bishop and our sweet lamb Erin. When Erin Wolfson couldn't come in person,Angela brought her along in sheep form! She had many adventures!! baaah!
2. Going down the road! The intrepid Terry Harrison drives the truck and trailer with 6 canoes and a kayak. All together, we had 7 canoes, 1 kayak, 15 women, one lamb and eventually a beautiful serpent.
3. Our eldest participant (and proud of it!!!) was Edith Starr, of StarBlanket Cree Nation. She had some trepidation about the trip but knew that all would be well if we saw the Eagle each day. We did, and sometimes more than once.