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The Mother of All videos 

I’ve been quite surprised by the difference these little boats have made to me as a sailor. They have caused me to wonder why I’ve spent the last 50 years beating my head against big boats and big oceans. This is the most pleasurable, hassle-free, challenging and fulfilling, cruising I have known." 

Jim Brown

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Since I've been a kid  I've had an interest in multi-hulls.. Now I finally get to pursue that interest. The typical drawback to multihulls is cost.. The main advantage is speed and flat sailing. Early on I looked at Wharrams and Hirondelles I still like them both    but they aren't  boats for casual sailing. 

 After Cedar Key 2008 when I sailed with Michael on his Prindle , the couple on their cat and  and Terry on his SP21 Tri , I knew that there would be one in my future . All three boats were docile yet lively under sail plus it was time to come to terms with 90% of my reality sailing. So it became time to get into Wharram Trini Legacy. You   know what they say.. 

Sail the boat you need now, not in your dreams  

and the words of Phil Bolger 

"either small enough to carry ashore or large enough to liveaboard "

At the top of the page I have a link to Jim Brown's 3 part video about the Windrider.. She is truly a boat for fast flat and shallow day sailing.  Although his coastal expedition is quite smooth and he demonstrates the boats strong points.

Here are some pictures from when I first got her 

1st Sail impressions 

   Well after about 120 minutes to setup, I sailed her .
The setup time is kinda slow but I expect it will get faster later on. She paddles easily with a single paddle .
The video gives you a feel but all I can say is that she sails fast flat and shallow.
She is my most enjoyable boat so far . 
I am surprised at her versatility .. She paddles easily , sails 4+dog and responds easily to the wind!!! The setup time is still long but thats because I have been spoiled by SeaPearls. Now all I have to do is find a catketch poly hull Tri

The first trip to the ocean further confirmed how well she does everything.. from beach launch , to neophyte sailors to wave romps she handled it all ..
It seems a small, fast light multi-hull can be a wonderful thing..
 I also like the fact that she rockets along in 15 knots of wind..