At home in the Sportsmobile 


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1) Shower/changing room

2) Van Camper

3) Humanure systems 

4) Expedition vehicles Page

5) Sportsmobile forum

6) Camperize

 After the first Paddlevan, I have been experimenting with different vehicles that can tow, sleep, and blend in.

Now that I have the Sportsmobile I can consider modifying for solo trailer sailing. 

It pulls heavy loads fine but it also can be fairly self contained ..

No I am looking into interior organization

 With the advances in leds, and computers 12v is no longer a problem..

So all we have to add is Ham gear and we are set to go 

Paddlevan2 and its first Oceanside outing
Sportsmobile and WR17

The Camper builders problem is covered in this article