Nissan Skiff

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The skiff has been an idea in the back of my head for a long time .

I always wanted a Boston whaler. Then my taste changed to the Carolina Skiff ..

However as an auxiliary to a fleet of auxiliaries this boat will be a small tender for diving and marginally, fishing.

With its shallow draft it should be happily at home in and around Ga and it only weighs about 600lbs so towing shouldn't be a problem.

Additionally she has a lapstrake hull so we will see how that works.

She comes equipped with a70's vintage 402 motor so that will be part of the learning curve as well. Ultimately she should be a microskiff or a dive support vehicle.

This is the only internet reference I could find. Hopefully she's an OEM pacer.

For more details and specs and now Mercury 402 motor info. SN#=3726354

Here is more detailed motor info and a service approach , wiring diagram , prop sheet .

The most common repair is the water pump impeller

Today Larry and I ran it .. After fooling with a bum battery we got a boost and the motor started and ran. With some minor raiding of Larry's boating treasure house (THANKS FOR THE ANCHOR!!!!!!), we should have her ship shape in no time..

So far Tim's description was accurate.


89 center console bass boat nissan

this is a very nice little nissan center console boat about 14 1/2 ft long has a 402 40hp mercury outboard that has been tested in a tank and runs out great


Rebuild notes ..

After a conference with Larry he's working his magic in the boatyard

The battery has been installed, and he has updated the electrical system.

Now to label the electrical harness, swap trailers test her out

BOAT Repair Pics

The Nissan has flown for the trailer swap .

Larry and the gantry are wicked when working together

We are also both sticklers for boating safety and follow the requirements needed for that.


From Desejo on da ...

We finally splashed Desejo for her 1st water test on Tuesday .

With a predicted high of mid 60's we set off to test her out ..

Things we learned :-

She needs all 4 drain plugs in to float.

She does float .

The bilge pump hose needs to be plumbed out.

She can't run in less that 10 inches of water (oops )

She has a top speed of about 20 mph.

She's a wonderful little boat.

The trailer needs refinement/repair

Desjo's speed trials

Here's Larry's recount of the adventure !!!

Earlier I mentioned the lapstrake hull. Part of the reason Desejo was chosen is her hull lines and lapstrake combine to throw water and spray down and aft .. While that may not seem particularly interesting, she rides dry fast and has great performance on a plane..

Now a lot of boat reviews and pictures are given when moored or in flat water . So this is not a complete review. it is my first impression of her based on water trials.

We know she can run flat out on rivers and lakes .. Our next test will be Sunday Summer chop on Lanier and then coastal work on the Florida and Georgia coasts.

One final note.. Ship shape is the rule on this boat since she is so small .

Desejo's Maps

Desejo only needs 2 maps to keep her busy...Georgia and Florida
With the weather warming up she needs to get busy on her mapwork !!!

Seat hatch update 3-20-08

Desejo's 2 month anniversary

Hatches are finally done...

Since we got Desejo I have been disgusted by the indoor/outdoor carpet .. This revulsion comes because it was worn out dirty and would forever trap crap.. So from day one I wanted the locker covers painted and no skid applied.. Above that I would then add some velcro and 4 Type IV cushions..

Instead I am using closed cell cushions .. .. Hopefully we can avoid mildew butt and still have safe places to stand..Thanks again Larry.

Now to fab-up a small bridge over the gas tank and the stern will be coralled.

July update

Six months to the day .. I spent a week on Lake Allatoona with her .. she performs fine and has earned her name Desejo .

She ran at a max of 13 knots , popping up on plane at 7.. she would also pull a couple of kids on a tube .. All in all a great little a skiff .

 Here's a video from her last run on the Chattahooche..

She had to run in 2 feet of water most of the time due to siltation 

Here are her most recent pictures