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Different models different memories......marine promiscuity

Russian Folder

Walden Naturalist

Hydra Aquanaut

Innova Safari



Siren 17

Seapearl 21

Compac 23

 Innova Helios

 Porta-Bote 12

 Monday Sail

Always looking for the next boating adventure I have found Eufriggingreka1 and Eufriggingreka2

KIWI Paddling reference 

My dream boat a Hirondelle

Large Russian 3 man folding kayak.

  I thought this boat would be a deal ...

It Was !!!! a great deal of work to store ,assemble and transport . It was about 70 lbs between the 2 bags and never took less than 2 hours to assemble and disassemble. the paddles were an absolute horror and the wide c***pit meant it was a reach to get to the water. But it could easily seat 3 and all you needed were some AK's to stage an invasion. The skin was very tough.

The Walden

Walden naturalist . Great value for money . light easy to paddle .. I have had it for 10 years and won't ever part with it. Great for lifting on a minivan.. Its a boat very easy to forget that you own it and I love it for that .About the only thing I cant do with it is snorkelling, but when I catamaran 2 together I'm sure I can. (maybe add a small engine :-)

Hydra Aquanaut

The seat is higher than your toes so it avoids the main problem of sit-on top kayaks (mildew butt) . The boat had a twist of one form or another so despite being a sponson hull it would tip you over the starboard side out of the clear blue. But usually not while you were paddling. I added perimeter lines to add somewhere to grab while in the water.


Excellent boat in a wonderful vernacular. It's fast flat and shallow. You can stand and sight cast from it as well as floating on heavy dew. It doesn't need a lot of power.

In Brunswick Ga there was one that a guy used  to stay out on for days at a time .. easily rigged and  a great boat for puttering around and serious fishing... The only cost after buying it is gas, beer and bait...( and flowers since you stayed out all day fishing) 

Fairly easily cartopped


An inflatable dinghy is a good idea but a series of compromises.. At least it made seeing the Manatees in Crystal River easy. However without a rigid floor it waffles like a big pillow

Innova Safari & Helios

My current rave. Light,easy to transport, a  capable paddler and very easy to dive out of. It weighs all of 28 lbs (true ) and tracks like an arrow with the skeg installed. Because of the rigid floor it does not waffle. I just acquired a Helios 380 after a quick inflation I'll have pics soon. In the meantime checkout the video linked on the left.

Siren 17 . 

A great little boat . easily towed and it responds to live ballast easily.. A great mountain boat but without opening ports its a sumer sauna in the southeast.. After 4 it gets very tight . But it redefines shallow draft and is a great swimming boat

Seapearl 21-

Marine poetry- a sleek able sailer with a penchant for coastal work.. towing and launching is an after thought .

An easily managed sail plan that proves the fallacy of a sloop rig for small boats..shallow draft comfortable sailing, long trip capacity , short trip comfort.

Compac 23

A stout  shallow sailing coastal ship.. It will allow your adventures to become experience and only whet your appetite for more. It will take you to the Bahamas slowly and in safety. it is transportable and not trailerable . Put it in leave it in  take it out tow it with a 1/4 ton and up.. Rigging is not a quick job. She floats in waist deep water  and that's a good thing.

Because she's bred in Florida  she has many opening ports and that's a wonderful thing.

Here's the story of a wonderful Monday sail.

Porta-Bote 12


After trying Larry's 8' Porta-bote I figured I'd try a longer version.

Porta-bote Water test and videos

Heavy to move around on land but fast on the water !!!

Always a tradeoff