Small Boats I've owned
Taimen 3 Russian folding kayak

Walden Naturalist

Hydra Aquanaut

Islander Tropic II

Riverhawk 15 & 13

Innova Safari


Larger Boats too

Siren 17  

Compac 23 

Seapearl 21 


Harold La Borde

Amyr Klink 

James Wharram 

Bill Pinkney 

Friends and Buddies 

 Chris and Beth 

A fun podcast  


Trailer Sailer Forum


 Excellent IK SOT page 

SeaPearl 21

Shantyboat Dreams

1) Millie hill

2) Shantyboat living 

3) Phillip Thiel 

Pedal Power


Thieles address

4)Escargot original



7) Friendship 

8) Aquacasa

9) Narrow Boat

"There is abolutely nothing --abolute Nothing --half so much worth doing as simply messing-about in boats."

From Kenneth Graheme's  "The Wind in the Willows"

I am an unabashed boat nut. 

I am crazy for them,  so in this  page I will give my impressions of boats I've owned, places I've experienced,  writers who have inspired me  and hopefully contribute  to the store of small boat  knowledge on the web.

    Paddlevan This is my web name and refers to my converting a couple of VW vanagons to rolling bases for kayaking.


Currently my favorites are the CP23 SP21 and the Innova Safari

Here are my musings on each boat based on my experiece with each boat.


Check out the blog of my latest boat restoration.

Dolphin 15 SR

CEDAR KEY 2K8 was absolutely great ....

The Georgia Coast remains a wonderful destination.

And along came a Nissan Skiff




 A great British essay about eating onboard  a small boat 

Good 4stroke motor maintenance guide