Welcome to my custom PC service website!

    This one-man operated local service - I build custom PCs.. primarily for gaming purposes. All you need is to tell me what you expect, and I'll build a PC custom-tailored to you and your gaming needs. Your specifications and criteria will be closely assessed, and from that information,  the components will be skillfully chosen. With a partial deposit, the components will be purchased and assembled. 
At the end of the day, you will receive a fully functional and powerful PC built under experienced and passionate hands - all at at a price lower than the cost that other competitors charge.

    Why did I start this service? I got sick of hearing people talking, praising, and actually BUYING "prebuilt custom PCs" from Alienware, CyberPower,  iBuyPower, and the countless other online gaming PC builders. These online custom PC services generally have absolutely horrible value - so I made it my ambition to beat ANY "competitor's" computers in terms of cost or performance (or a mixture of both). Many people don't have the time, motivation, or interest to build their own computers and deal with the risk of inexperience - these prebuilt custom manufacturers are often the only chance to get a decent computer to those who cannot build their own. You might be surprised by how much you can save by buying a custom PC from me - and don't get the misconception that you pay for "quality". I can match the same, or better, components for a lower cost. But, how can I do this...? Mass production/assembly usually yields to low consumer costs - but it doesn't apply at all to the custom PC industry. Check the "Us versus Competitors" page on this website for actual comparative computer costs. Like I stated earlier; you might be surprised by how much you can save...

    You do not need ANY prior knowledge to contact me regarding my services. I will suit a custom PC to you to the best of my ability. More information is available on the "Ordering a PC" page on this website. No payment, deposit, or fee is at all necessary to consult me about my custom PC service.

You can privately consult me by emailing me at myrithel@gmail.com
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Feel free to contact me for an experienced PC opinion even if it is unrelated to my services. I will give you my best opinion for anything computer related.

     This small "business" is founded on my interest of building PCs. I make it my own personal obligation to make each computer as perfect as the other. I started assembling custom PCs in 2009; since then, I have built four PCs from the ground up and have rebuilt and upgraded them countless other times. I love working with computers and trying to make them the best they can be with the cost that is given.

The truth about competitors...
If you are in the market for a new gaming PC and have been looking at "prebuilt custom PCs", chances are you have stumbled upon the companies "Alienware" or "CyberPower" (or any other gaming desktop company). The plain truth is - their gaming PCs are rather overpriced for what they offer.
What will PAcustomPC do about it?
I will beat competitor pricing. Period. I will either give you the same computer for a  cheaper price, or a significantly better computer for the same price.
Many of these companies use loosely thrown words to attract attention to their PCs ("superclocked", "powerhouse", "xtreme",  etc) even if the specs of the computer are nowhere near powerful.
Can you prove it?

Email me at myrithel@gmail.com along with a link and configuration of a competitor PC. I will give you an accurate quote - after the cost of the components, taxes, assembly, testing... EVERYTHING.

I will provide examples in the tab "Us versus Competitors" tab at the top of the page as often as I can.