School Social Worker 

Lisa Holmquist, LSW

Connecting Students, Families, School,
& Community Resources

Today's students face many social and personal problems that threaten their ability to do well in school and inhibit their progress toward becoming productive citizens. School social workers provide services to students, families, schools, and communities to remove barriers to student achievement.

  Some students have difficulty achieving academic sucess due to social, emotional, and behavioral problems affecting school performance. As a member of a team comprised of teachers, administrators, and parents, your school social worker promotes and supports students' academic and social sucess through early identificatioin, prevention, intervention, counseling, and education.

As the school social worker, I strive to help students :

    • Gain personal & social competencies such as self-dicipline & coping skills
    • Resolve conflicts without violence
    • Improve attendance
    • Become resilient, successful learners



If you or your family are facing a crisis, please visit the Crisis Connection web site. The Crisis Connection provides a 24 hour crisis hotline offering counseling, refferals, and crisis intervention services.