PTR is a 7DRL - an experiment in combining pacman experience and a roguelike gameplay.

The available version is for Java-enabled mobile phones, (which excludes Android and iPhone and includes practically all the others).

A Javascript version will be relased at some point (compiled with GWT), so that Pac the Rogue will be available online.

The goal of the game is: earn as much points as possible, escaping the infamous Blinky, Inky, Pinky, Clyde and their twin brothers.

In the maze you can find different magical fruits:
                • Speedy Pear - gives a temporary boost of speed
                • Builders' Strawberry - allows you to build a brick wall, impassable for you or the meanies
                • Omnivorous Banana - brings an ability of eating your enemies
                • Passing Orange - lets you pass through walls.
At the beginning of the game you own one piece of fruit of each kind.

(The original fruits were supposed to be a Speedy Strawberry, Passing Pear, Builders' Banana and Omnivorous Orange, but I got them mixed up and did not find time nor motivation to fix it).

The fruits are not activated immediately upon picking up. You can utilize them at a strategically chosen moment. To use a fruit, press fire on your phone (usually the 'select' button); a menu will pop up showing the fruits in possession and the number of pieces for each. Choose one and press fire again. To exit inventory without using anything, select the last icon to the right (it was supposed to look like a gate)