Paul A. Crook PhD, Research Fellow, Interaction Lab, Heriot Watt University.


I'm interested in the application of statistical Machine Learning (ML) techniques, especially (but not exclusively) Reinforcement Learning. 

Based in the Interaction Lab I am currently focusing on the application of ML to dialogue/interaction management for spoken dialogue and multi-modal interaction systems.

I obtained my PhD from the University of Edinburgh looking into the effectiveness of adding active perception as an aid to a mobile robot learning a partially observable navigation task. My current work continues the theme of learning to select actions with uncertain observations. It involves learning optimal policies for multi-modal spoken dialogue systems. An application where the information about real world users' actions and utterances is always uncertain.

Some parts of this site are still under construction.

Heriot-Watt students looking for details of my proposed projects please have a look at the Honours and MSc Projects page.

For details on previous academic work please visits my old University of Edinburgh, Informatics pages.

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