I Believe...


..I Believe in Shoes.. 

Do you believe shoes are just footwear?  I believe they're not just anything.  They can also be a collection or they are also a great way to express yourself.  There are a bunch of varieties by styles, looks, colors, and brands.  There is also a lot of ways to wear them.  Shoes are very hip and they can also represent uniqueness, and interests in life.  Those are some reasons why I started collecting shoes since I was four years old.  All of my friends, and other people ask me, "What's so great about shoes?" they also ask me, "Why do keep the boxes too?"


Whenever new shoes come out, I ask my parents if they can buy them for me because it helps me with my collection. My parents are very supportive with my collection.  Although they may waste a lot of money on buying me shoes, they do it because they care.  I like to buy my shoes at the Hilltop Mall,  Sunvalley MallSouthland Mall, and Fairfield Mall.  I have many favorite types of shoes, but my top favorite are VANS.  Vans are my addiction.  I bought my first pair of vans when I was thirteen-years-old.  I currently have seventeen pairs of vans, but I still plan on getting many more.  Right now, I'm focusing on collecting the new Air Jordan Countdown Packages; each package contains two pairs of shoes.


What really lead me to collect shoes, was that my family was going through hard and rough times. Therefore, I really don't like the fact that these are my reasons for shoes being important to me.  My parents, the ones who brought me to this belief, would just buy me shoes just so they can see a smile on my face.  Each pair of shoes contains their own personality, for everyday I wear a different pair.  And by personality, I'm referring to those issues between my family.


  But that's the truth about why I love shoes so much, and that's about it.


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