Hi my name is Francisco but I am also known as PACO. I live in the mid-west of California, and I have been living in this state all my life so far.  My interests and hobbies are talking on the phone, going to the mall, buying shoes but my top favorite is "vans," or if not, I browse through websites and look at shoes.  I also like hanging out with my friends and going places.  My favorite time of year is summer, because there's no school and I can sleep a bit more.  However, this year is a lot different.  I decided to attend summer school, yet this is no ordinary summer school.  Its a summer program called RHS Summer Bridge Program.  I find it very intriguing, and i get to have fun in it too.  I have two great teachers.  Mr.Mannix, the funny tacher that looks like Jesus, is my english teacher.  And Mr.Reese, the guy with the funny laugh, is my math teacher.


My goals for when I finnish High School are to graduate from High School and apply for California Culinary Academy in San Francisco.  Ever since I was little, my parents always watched me, and tought me how to cook.  Ever since then, I have noticed that I love to cook.   While attending California Culinary Accademy, I plan to get a job that pays well. And as soon as I am capable, I plan on buying my own house or atleast have my own place.


In order to accomplish my goals, I will do my best in High School.  I will work hard in all my classes and make sure that I am learning what I am suppose to be learning,and I will take full responsibility for all of my grades and school work.  I will also do my best on the CAHSEE test, and try to pass it on my first try. I also plan on taking a culinary arts class at Contra Costa College while attending RHS.  Another thing that I plan to do in  RHS, is to join the Multimedia Academy because I find that very intriguing too.


Thank you for visiting my web-page, and having the patience and time for reading.

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