Tumbling & Cheer

Beginner Tumbling (6+ Years)

Our tumbling classes are 60 minute lessons determined by age and tumbling ability. Beginner tumbling classes are focused on the development of the cartwheel, round-off, and back handspring.

Advanced Tumbling (8+ Years)

Classes are focused on development of the standing back tuck and round-off back handspring back tuck and layout.

Sparkles (4-6 Years)

This class is for young children that are excited about cheerleading. The class includes basic stunting technique, tumbling, cheer motions, voice projection, and jumps. Let us channel all of your child's energy and enthusiasm into learning the building blocks to being a great cheerleader.

Starz Cheer (7-11 Years)

This is a great class for girls who are interested in trying out for a cheerleading squad. We teach your students to perform cheer motions, jumps, stunting, voice projection and tumbling.