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The table below is a master list of classes offered.  If you are not sure which class you are looking for, then please visit the specific department site class offerings page: Gymnastics, Tumbling, Cheerleading, Karate, After-School Care

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DepartmentClass TypeAges
DepartmentClass TypeAges
Cheerleading Cheerleading Summer Camp 5-18 
Cheerleading Cheer/Tumble 5+ 
Cheerleading Sparkles 4-6 
Dance Dance 7-10 
Gymnastics Acro-Tots 
Gymnastics Blue Belt 5+ 
Gymnastics Jr. Acro-Tots 3-4 
Gymnastics Parent Tot Classes 1-3 
Gymnastics Purple Belt 6+ 
Gymnastics Red Belt 6+ 
Gymnastics White Belt 5+ 
Gymnastics Yellow Belt 5+ 
Gymnastics Summer Camp Gymnastics Summer Camp 5 and up 
Karate Karate 5+ 
Kid's Haven After School Care 5-13 
Kids Haven Spring Break 5K-5th grade 
Kids Haven Summer Day Camps School Age Through Sixth Grade 
Ninja Ninja 6-9 
PAC_Tainment Parents Night Out 3-14 
Swimming Swim 101 3-5 
Swimming Swim 102 6-9 
Swimming Swim 103 10-12 
Swimming Swim 201 3-5 
Swimming Swim 202 6-9 
Swimming Swim 203 10-12 
Swimming Swim 300 - 400 3-12 
Tumbling Advanced Beginner- working on standing back handsprings and round-off back handsprings 5+ 
Tumbling Advanced- working on layouts 6+ 
Tumbling Beginner- Working on cartwheels, round-offs, bridge kickover, and back handspring 5+ 
Tumbling Intermediate Tumble- working on multiple standing and running back handsprings, back and front tucks 6+ 
Tumbling Twisting Tumbling Class - working on twisting front and back layouts 10+ 
Zumba Zumba 7-13 
Showing 32 items