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Cabin Fever Tournament April 21, 2018

60 men competed in this year’s Cabin Fever Tournament.  Here are the result

1st NET:                 Carl Mazzie/Mike Rankin/Jon Bolton/Nick Cremona/Dan Kudrik                 128  $45 pp

2nd NET:                Bill LaShell/Bob Saypol/Bill Hecht/Nick Saponara/Tony Martino                  130  $35 pp

3rd NET:                 Chris Tooman/Arl Livingston/Steve Kipnis/Jack O’Reilly/John  Ehrlich        134  $30 pp


1st GROSS:           Bruce McNutt/Dave O’Brian/Reid Hensen/Dan Cassidy/Bob Amoruso        157  $40 pp


Closest to Pin #6   Tom Fierro  5’8”  TaylorMade Sand Wedge


Kickers:                 Steve Kipnis, Dave Ober, Bruce Laudi, Jim Dring, Phil Stashin,                    $25 pp

                              Thomas Henderson               


Raffle Winners:      Chris Depetris:  Callaway Sand Wedge

                               Art Livingston:   TaylorMade M3 Driver

2018 Opening Day Tournament. 

65 people took part in the Tournament.  Here are the results:


1st Place:       Bruce McNutt/Jim Tabatneck/Russ Paulison/Jim Dring/Joe Swanson                    65                  $90pp

2nd Place:      Bill LaShell/Ron Saltiel/John McGuire/Jim Montesano/Lee Rogers                        67-32             $65pp

3rd Place:       Keith Martin/Dan Shaffer/Craig Isaacson/Jim Hughes/Adam Zaranski                   67-33             $45pp

4th Place:       Jim Phelan/Bob Calise/Bob Saypol/Paul Keeler/Tom Fierro                                    69-35-23        $35pp

5th Place:       Larry Liman/Brendan Dowd/Ryan Humphreys/Bob Amoruso/Dave Newingham     69-24             $25pp


Kickers Winners:    Bob Saypol/Lou March/Dave Newingham/Art Livingston/Tony Martino  25 pp


Closest to Pin #6:     Terry Fitzpatrick  11’1”

Closest to Pin #15:   Mike Cadematori  3’4”


Raffle Winners:                   Ping Fairway                     George Horbach

                                            Ping Driver                       Jeff Stephens

                                            TaylorMade Driver            Dave Womack

Memorial Day Tournament May 28, 2018

1st Net:                 Dan Shaffer-Peter Weiss                              61           75pp

1st Gross:             Joe Lennon-Bob Bayley                               76           70pp

2nd Net::               Bob Dennerlein-Mike Cadematori                66           55pp

3rd Net:                 Terrence Freer-Al Solimine                          68           50pp

4th Net:                 Leo Bauer-Terry Fitzpatrick                          70           45pp

5th Net:                 Jim Bulger-Steve Cerbone                           70           40pp

6th Net:                 Pat Edmonds-Randy Biagini                        70           35pp

7th Net:                 Jim Phelan-Scott VanReeth                         70           30pp

8th Net:                 Bill Hecht-Bob Calise                                   70           20pp


Closest to Pin:   Bob Dennerlein                10’1”


Kickers:                Joe Henderson-Bob Dennerlein-Steve Cerbone-Joe Miscia-Bob Saypol-Jim Phelan          25pp


Raffle:                   TaylorMade Hat:              Joe Miscia

                              TaylorMade Balls:            Lee Rogers

                              TaylorMade Putter:          John Daghlian

                              TaylorMade Driver:          Dan Cassidy



Women’s Tournament:


1st Net:                 Anne Tabatneck-Joan Lyons                       34           45pp

2nd Net:                Kim Biagini-Kay Rogers                               36           35pp

3rd Net:                 Kathy Pariser-Sally Abbott                           37           25pp

 Ladies Member-Guest 

June 5, 2018

1st Place:    Cathy Czar/Carole Soldo/Jean Chodorcoff/Lynn Tull                   65
2nd Place:   Doris Hughes/Peggie Tanin/Paula Guida/Joann Miller                 66
3rd Place:   Claire Patten/Liz Sieling/Pam Swede/Carol Cronk                        66
“Most Honest”   Maria March/Kathie Taylor/Fran Ganguzza/Ro Brino            74
Closest to the Pin:                           Peggie Tanis
Most Accurate Drive (Member):      Phyllis Holland
Most Accurate Drive (Guest):          Liz Sieling

2018 Caldwell Classic

Championship Flight:

Joe Henderson/Rick Baris def. Thomas Henderson/Rich Corsetto              20 holes


1st Flight:

Steven Kipnis/Dan Cassidy def. Scott VanReeth/Chris Haring                     2&1


2nd Flight:

Phil Stashin/Joe Swanson def. Russ Paulison/Dave Newingham                1 up


3rd Flight:

Tony Martino/Nick Saponara def. Dave Womack/Angelo Cianci                   3&2

Ben Karalis July 4th Tournament


1st Net:                      Thomas Henderson/Todd Havill                        63       $70pp

1st Gross:                  Joe Henderson/Rick Baris                                 72       $65pp

2nd Net:                      Mark Andreas/Terrance Freer                           64       $60pp

2nd Gross:                  Randy Biagini/Pat Edmonds                             77       $55pp

3rd Net:                      Brendan Dowd/Chris Haring                              64       $45pp

4th Net:                      Carl Mazzie/Nick Cremona                                65       $40pp

5th Net:                      Bill Hecht/Bob Calise                                         65       $35pp

6th Net:                      Chris Depetris/Jon Salmanson                          66       $30pp

7th Net:                      Dave Ober/Ed Kishfy                                         66       $22.50pp

8th Net:                      Bob Dennerlein/Vince Benenati                         67       $20pp


Closest to Pin:          Gerry McMahon    7’10”                                     TaylorMade Wedge


Kickers:                     John Forlenza/Pat Edmonds/John McGuire/Bill Baker/Pete Freer/Joe Henderson/

                                  Steven Kipnis    $24 pp


Raffle:                        TaylorMade Hat:                Joe Lennon

                                  TaylorMade Hybrid:            Peter Weiss

                                  TaylorMade Driver:             Fred Walter

Member Guest Tournament July 13-14, 2018


Hogan Flight:

1st:  Todd Havill/Steve Jarossy

2nd  Rick Baris/Dan Kees


Nelson Flight:

1st:  Jim Phelan/George Lazo

2nd: Anthony Scelba/Tommy Adamo


Palmer Flight:

1st:  Jack O’Reilly/Keith Thompson

2nd:  Brendan Dowd/Brad Crimi


Snead Flight:

1st:   Dino Rizzo/Harry Beatty

2nd:  Jeff Stephens/Michael DeLorenzo



Anthony Scelba’s team and Brendan Dowd’s Team chipped into the shootout.


Hole 10:

With net 5’s on the 10th hole team Rizzo and Dowd had a chip off to stave elimination.  From the collection area back right of the green BOTH teams hit outstanding chips.  Unfortunately for Team Rizzo, Brendan chipped it to about 4 feet to eliminate Dino and Harry.


Hole 6:

Team Dowd and O’Reilly stroked off the rest of the teams.  Team Havill hit in the left rough.  Jim Phelan hit his shot to 6 feet.  Team O’Reilly (K. Thompson)  hit his shot to 12 feet.  Team Scelba (T. Adamo) hit his shot to 15 feet and Brendan Dowd’s tee ball went into the front right bunker.


Next to play was Havill, Todd hit a great chip to 3 feet.  Brad Crimi (Team Dowd) caught too much ball and his ball sailed into the pond.  Brendan chipped onto the green but were behind the 8 ball lying 4 and were eliminated with a net 5.  The other teams scored 3, 2(Phelan), net 2 and 3.


Hole 16:

All hit decent tee balls except for team Phelan, George Lazo’s tee ball ended up in the left hazard.  On to the putting green…Team Phelan and Scelba were forced to a chip off with net 6’s.

Chipping from the rough by the front left bunker.  BOTH teams once again hit great chips…team Scelba advanced by about 18 inches eliminating team Phelan.


Hole 8:

Team O’Reilly stroked off the remaining teams (Scelba/Havill).  First to play was team Havill (Jarossy).  Steve hit a high hard draw over the trees left and ended up 65 yards from the green.  Team O’Reilly (Thompson) hit a great shot to 125 yards in the fairway.  Team Scelba (Adamo) ended up in the hazard by the bridge on hole 7.


Team Scelba’s 3rd shot ended up right of the green.  Jack O’Reilly topped his second into the rough in between the fairway bunkers.  Team Havill hit a great shot to 10 feet or so.  Team O’Reilly struggled mightily and ended up as the next team eliminated.


Hole 18:

The final teams Havill/Scelba squared off on the last shootout hole with no strokes given.  First to play was Todd who hooked his tee ball into the trees left and got a very fortuitous bounce into the left fairway about 200 yards from the green.  Anthony hit a great shot to about 100 yards out into the right rough.


Team Havill (Jarossy) second shot was half topped leaving Todd a difficult 3rd.  Todd hit a low hard shot that ended up in the left bunker.  Seemingly in the driver’s seat, Team Scelba (Adamo) second shot was shanked towards the pond to the left of 16 tee.  They got lucky ending up short of the water with a great lie.


Anthony hit his third to about 20 feet.  Team Havill (Jarossy) hit his 4th to 15 feet.  Feeling no need to be aggressive, team Scelba (Adamo) hit a beautiful putt to 5 inches thus forcing team Havill to make their put for 5.  Todd’s putt missed low leaving a short tap in for the Championship for Anthony and Tommy!

2018 Presidents/Vice Presidents Cup Results

Presidents Cup


Carl Peterson                     61-69     130


2nd NET:

Bob Bayley                         68-73     141


3rd NET:

LC Bauer                            69-75     144


4th NET:

Art Livingston                     73-72     145


5th NET:

Steven Kipnis                     71-74     145(74)


6th NET:

Bill LaShell                         68-77     145(77)


1st GROSS:

Simon Burgess                  78-78     156


2nd GROSS:

Joe Henderson                  78-80     158


3rd GROSS:

Randy Biagini                    84-79     163

Vice Presidents Cup


John McGuire                    73-35


2nt NET:

Dino Rizzo                         73-36


3rd NET:               

Jon Salmanson                  77


4th NET:

Ed Kishfy                           80-38


5th NET:

Bob Saypol                        80-39


6th NET:

Chris Depetris                    80-40


1st GROSS:

Steve Cerbone                  94


2nd GROSS:

Joe Kirincich                      97


3rd GROSS:

Craig Isaacson                  98


Closest to Pin:

Steve Cerbone

Labor Day September 3, 2018 Tournament Results

1st Net:                 Pete Freer-Al Solimine                  60           $75pp

2nd Net:                John Daghlian-John Byram           64           $60pp

3rd Net:                 Jim Phelan-Brendan Dowd           64           $50pp

4th Net:                 Dino Rizzo-Art Guida                    66           $40pp

5th Net:                 Carl Peterson-Joe Swanson         66           $30pp

6th Net:                 Bill LaShell-Bob Saypol                67           $20pp


1st Gross:             Rick Baris-Joe Henderson            76           $70pp

2nd Gross:            Randy Biagini-Pat Edmonds         77           $55pp


Closest to the Pin #6:     Joe Swanson      Ping Fairway Metal


Kickers:  Bob Dennerlein/Joe Swanson/Todd Havill/Rick Baris/Jim Tabatneck/Bill Hecht/Dan Cassidy


Raffle:    Ping Wedge:                    Bob Bayley

              Ping Putter:                      Keith Martin

              Callaway Rogue Driver:   John Danckwerth



6 Players competed in the afternoon event.  Here are the results:


Jen McNutt and Jen Martin won with a score of 28  $45 pp

2018 Club Championship

Men's Championship Flight:

Antony Scelba defeated Brad Dragone 10 &9 in the 36 hole final.  Anthony carded four birdies to Brad’s one.  Brad kept it close through the first 9 holes but Anthony pulled away on the second nine.  Brad’s driver was not as lind to him as he would have liked and Anthony’s steadiness was too much to overcome. 


First Flight:

Charles Haas defeated Steve McConnell 5&4


Second Flight:

Carl Peterson defeated  Art Livingston 3&2


Third Flight:

Jack O’Reilly defeated Dave Womack 3&2


Fourth Flight:

Dino Rizzo defeated George Horbach 2&1

Women's Club Championship:

Cathy Czar won the 18 Hole Championship carding a very nice 95.  Cathy made 5 pars on her round along with 6 bogeys.


Ann Tabatneck won the 9 Hole Championship carding a 47.  Ann made 2 pars and 5 bogeys during her round.

2018 Ryder Cup Results

The West Side (White), captained by Bob Saypol, trounced the East (Green)side, captained by Pat Edmonds and Reid Hensen, 32.5-19.5.  This victory was a long time coming as the East side has taken the previous 5 Ryder Cups.  Each player on the winning team receives $25 in shop credit:


Round 1 (Four-Ball):

As the results trickled in it evident the West team came to play as the first 4 matches resulted in wins for the White squad.  The East side rallied though and after the first session the score was:

West:    7

East:      6


Round 2 (Foursomes):

The West team continued their hot streak as the results for the second session came in.  Once again, the East team rallied back BUT the last 2 results resulted in West wins. 

West:    8

East:      5


Round 3 (Singles):

Down 15-11, the East side needed to rally.  A Ryder Cup victory was by no means a given for Saypol’s West team.  Needing to win 15 of the 26 matches to retain the Cup, the East side was behind the 8 ball.  It became clear as the matches came in that the East sides Ryder Cup Dominance would finally end.  The West side scored 17.5 points to the East’s 8.5 points to win the 2018 Ryder Cup.


The White flag will finally fly on the flagpole in front of the Clubhouse for a year.


Congratulations to the 3-0 pool winners;               Brendan Dowd, Randy Biagini,Jeff Stephens, Tom Decarlo, Jim Bulger, Simon Burgess, John Daghlian, Art Guida


Raffle winners: 

Dave Womack: Hat

Craig Isaacson: Bridgestone Balls

Randy Biagini: Callaway SW

Bud Keeler: Odyssey Putter

Al Federici:  Callaway 5 wood

2018 Armageddon Results


Jim Phelan defeated Scott VanReeth in the 2018 Armageddon.  One up going into the final hole, Jim hooked his tee ball into the  rough left of the cart path while Scott was dead center in the middle of the fairway.  Jim pulled off a “Sportscenter Top 10” shot hitting a low hooked 5 iron around a tree and onto the putting green 15 feet pin high.  Scott’s second shot was short of the green leaving him an uphill ship to a back hole location.  Scott’s chip ended up about 12 feet past the hole leaving a tricky putt for any hope of a miracle.  Scott drained this pressure packed putt and his only hope was a Phelan 3 putt.  This did not happen as Jim cozied his putt close to the hole for a super Par and the Championship!


Congratulations JIM (and Scott)!

2018 Oktoberfest Tournament Results

On Saturday 10/13/2018, 24 players braved the drizzle in this year’s Oktoberfest Tournament.  Here are the results:


1st Place:

Jim Lavner                             69/34/22

Steve McConnell

Ed Kishfy

Tim Decamp


2nd Place:

Bruce McNutt                       69/34/23

Jim Tabatneck

Ryan Humphreys

Bruce Laudi


Closest to the pin #6:          Craig Isaacson


Kickers winners:                  Chris Tooman/Craig Isaacson/Tim Decamp/Ryan Humphreys


Raffle:                                  John McGuire:  HAT

                                            Bruce Laudi:          Taylormade M3 3 wood

2018 Founders Cup Tournament Results

1st Net:                 Jim Phelan          71

2nd Net:                Bob Calise          72

3rd Net:                 Dino Rizzo          73-38

4th Net:                 Art Livingston      73-40


1st Gross:             Bill LaShell           85


Closest to Pin:     Jim Phelan

2018 Yukon Jack 11/10/18 

1st GROSS:           Bob Bayley-Bob Dennerlein-Vince Benenati-Dan Shaffer                              162                         $40


1st NET:                 Jon Salmanson-Joe Swanson-Chris Depetris-Ryan DuBois                           131-62                   $40


Closest to the Pin:           Bill LaShell    6’10”


Kickers:                           Tony Martino-Ryan DuBois-Carl Peterson-Mitch Seidman                    $16


Raffle:                   Hat: Bob Saypol

                             Putter: Jon Salmanson