Junior Golf

2018 Junior Golf Camps

June 26-27                                               August 7-8                  

July 5-6                                                    August 15-16

July 17-18                                                August 21-22  

July 24-25                                                August 28-29

July 31-1                                                  


Price: $65 per child                                              


Junior Camps are open to all members and grandchildren. Each Junior Golf Camp will begin at 12:30 p.m. and end at 3:00 p.m.  Lunch will be served each day.  Children will learn fundamentals of the full swing, chipping and putting as well as proper golf course etiquette.  The main goal for me with the camps is for the kids to have FUN!!  I am hoping they start bugging you about bringing them to the Club to play or practice.  Various games will be played each day and a scramble will take place on the final day.  Sign up sooner than later, these camps fill up quickly.

2018 Junior Club Championship

The Junior Club Championship took place Sunday September 23rd.  There was some EXCELLENT golf played, very impressive!!  We have some serious “up and comers” at the Club.  Here are the results:


18 Holers:

Champion:          Dominic Scelba                  81

2nd place:           Stephen Dipaola                 83

3rd place:            Rhys Burgess                     86


9 Holers:

Champion:          Damian Scelba                   37

2nd place:            Luke Burgess                     41

3rd place:             Lex Ferguson                     48

4th place:             Jake Donofrio                     50


3 Holers:

Champion:          Brayden Beauparlant          15

2nd place:           Ethan Halligan                    20