Today's Packaging

Packaging also known as the 5th P of marketing, plays a vital role in the life of a product. At this moment in time, packaging by itself has turned into an exclusive product which reveals the superiority of the actual product which is packed in it. This page tells you about the progression in packaging technology and the industry’s requirement.





Industrial Packaging at the present time

Industrial packaging should be precisely apposite to meet the present day’s innovative packaging needs. With intimate familiarity of the product markets, expertise in structural and graphic design and multiple packaging materials, packaging industries should create and deliver unique, high-quality packaging solutions that promote brand value and further the customer’s marketing objectives.


Major packaging industries are required to have vast financial resources and global market knowledge to invest in the leading-edge packaging and finishing technologies essential to serving our customers’ expanding needs.  IPGE has broad research and development capabilities, as well as packaging technologies ranging from along with state-of-the-art smart-packaging technologies.

The strength of IPGE which includes expertise and production in Bangalore and Goa. IPGE offers customized packaging solutions and one-stop shopping for customers throughout the industrial products industry. We add value at every step of the packaging process - from idea to delivery - and are committed to fostering pace to market, geographic flexibility, innovation, and quality in everything we do.


Packaging History
The function of packaging has changed markedly over the years. In the beginning, it fulfilled two main functions - transportation and storage.  The ordinary paper bag, among the oldest and most enduring of all packages, continues to fulfill the same straightforward purpose - in helping consumers carry goods home from the marketplace.  As with any package, the effectiveness of the paper bag stems from three main characteristics:  It is made from long-lasting material, helps protect contents in transit and saves space.
Modern retailing practices demand increasingly sophisticated packaging solutions.  Product manufacturers need value-added packaging that promotes sales by providing pleasant, eye-catching aesthetics and important consumer information.  Packaging also plays an essential role in product branding – by communicating ideas, values, and life styles. Packaging is essential to differentiating products and making them exclusive.

Packaging’s Beginnings

The earliest packaging solutions appeared at least 9,000 years ago, when people began using baskets, bowls and animal hides to wrap and contain their goods.  Soon afterward came the invention of clay pots, which, when buried in the soil, afforded improved product storage.
Over the millennia, people gradually discovered new packaging technologies - such as glass, kerchiefs, sacks, boxes and barrels.

The Birth of Branding

During the 19th Century, as producers encountered growing competition in selling their wares, some began to differentiate their products in order to attract customer’s attention and build loyalty. The art of branding was born.


Why Packaging Matters

Packaging is what makes customers linger and focus on.  It is an essential component of any product brand and marketing strategy, communicating the product’s purpose, quality, technical specifications and exclusivity.  Accompanied by the growing competition for customer’s attention, excellent packaging is essential to moving products off the shelf.

Designing an effective package requires creativity and technical proficiency in numerous areas.  It requires knowledge of materials, like tensile strength, weight, density and moisture content, each of which may carry its own set of meanings and associations. Effective packaging is also closely associated with development of the product itself. Packaging material, shape and appearance may strongly influence a product’s personality — for example, a reputed brand of products goes together with reliable and attractive packaging. Tradition may also play a role. For instance, customers expect their bulky equipments/machinery to be shipped on wooden crates or wooden drums. At the same time, non-traditional packaging that disrupts common associations is sometimes an effective way to attract attention. Besides, it is also essential to know if the products are safe on such crates/drums.

We serve industries which need packaging that appeals to all senses.


High-Quality Packaging Solutions

We offer complete, high-quality packaging solutions - from design to delivery.  We excel at structural concepts and design, as well as promotional concepts that further your marketing objectives.

With our expertise in a variety of packaging substitutes like wood and corrugation, alone and in combination, we design and create a broad array of packaging products made from pinewood, silver wood, rubber wood and other woods suitable for packing combined with 5 ply and 7 ply corrugated boards. These diverse capabilities make IPGE a uniquely versatile and innovative supply partner.

provides best-in-class total packaging solutions with its extensive domain expertise and technology specialization, to a pool of premiere multinational global clientele in the areas of pharmaceuticals, medical equipments, steel manufacturing, automobiles, aircraft manufacturers, power generation equipments and white goods among others. IPGE has clocked over 500,000,000 cubic feet of packaging development projects making IPGE the worlds most experienced manufacturers of wooden packing and a leading supplier of premium-quality corrugated packaging.  We can customize the look of any package and maximize shelf appeal, using a wide range of design variants.  IPGE uses standard industry packaging techniques depending on the requirement of the target solution and the customer. IPGE has rich experience in Computer Aided Design (CAD) techniques and related tools deployed in analysis, design and manufacturing, and has executed many such projects using them.


Stewardship and Sustainability

We are committed to meeting high standards of sustainability. In accordance to high quality standards, IPGE has implemented and maintains a comprehensive Quality Management System as per industry standard requirements. IPGE is assessed and approved by NQA UKAS, against ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance management system standard.


We consider environmental implications from the moment we begin designing a new package or packaging system, using as little material as possible and selecting the most environmentally appropriate wood adhesives and other materials.



- Ashwin Gunjal.

Industrial Packers and General Enterprises.