September Theme - Cooperation

What is Cooperation?

Working together with others toward a common goal.
  • Be helpful to others and work together.
  • Do your part in a project.
  • Listen to and consider the ideas of others.
  • Be unselfish.
  • Be cheerful.
  • Share things with others.
  • Be happy for the good fortune of others on the team.
  • Use everyone’s special talents.
  • Be friendly.
  • Be willing to share the credit.

How do we practice cooperation? What are some other activities you like to do where you cooperate with others? Can you think of a time when cooperating with others made an experience better for you?

I can give you a great example of cooperation by telling you all about our annual Fall Campout and Crossover.

For Cub Scout Pack 97, one of our favorite events of the year is our annual Fall Campout and Crossover. This HUGE event takes place at Hopkinton State Park, where scores of Pack 97 families will set up tents for camping and participate in various activities like Nukem, outdoor skills, and sliding on the zipline. But the fun doesn't end there and as the evening wears on, a special ceremony is held to welcome our Tiger Cub Scouts to our pack, which is followed by the crossover ceremony for our returning scouts. After the ceremonies are completed we line up to serve ourselves from the mountains of hamburgers and hot dogs that are placed on the picnic tables for dinner with yummy side dishes, fruit and salads. 

As it starts to get dark after desert, we begin our campfire program where our Cubmasters say a few words, a special guest may be invited, and we sing, do skits, and tell jokes that make us giggle as our dinner settles in our bellies. Then, just when we think our sides will split from laughing so hard, out come the glow sticks and we head out for our night hike with our glow sticks to light the way. Under the stars almost 100 grandparents, moms, dads, sisters and brothers follow the road down to the waterfront, listening to the night sounds. At the beach we sit on the sand and are treated to a story. We hike back to camp where we sing a few more songs at the campfire, and finally we retire to our tents where we all crawl into bed for a good night's sleep. 

The next morning, we awaken to the smell of breakfast cooking and hot chocolate brewing. Some of our Cub Scouts help Pack 97 to retire a flag at the flag retirement ceremony before we eat breakfast. Finally we are packing up to leave and cleaning up the campsite after ourselves. We leave with happy memories of all the fun we had and the joy of another successful Fall Campout completed. Thanks to cooperation, our annual Fall Campout and Crossover has been a great success every year, and every year this event would not happen without the help and cooperation of EVERYONE in Pack 97, including you. 

What would happen if everyone did not cooperate with one another at our fall campout?

Without cooperation, how do you think the activities would get planned? Who do you think will setup the volleyball net or zipline for our Cub Scouts to use? How can all of that food get cooked and served for more than 100 people if people are not cooperating with one another? What would happen if our Cub Scouts were not cooperating with their leaders and parents, or if our Cub Scouts did not cooperate with one another?

Your parents cooperated to plan the event, setup and man the activities stations, and cook the food. Cub Scouts in Pack 97 cooperated by waiting their turn, respecting one another, following the safety rules, helping other scouts, and helping the adults. Yet cooperating with each other was not hard and it did not feel like work. In fact you may even find that most of the time cooperating during our Campout was FUN!