December Theme - Respect

What is Respect? 

Respect is showing regard for the worth of someone or something. All scouts should respect:
  • the Flag 
  • yourself 
  • others 
  • the environment 
  • your elders 
  • the other team 
  • the beliefs of other 
  • for other cultures and traditions 
  • for others' opinions 

Respect for our Flag 

We show our respect for the flag at our meetings and events with our opening and closing flag ceremonies. Each year Pack 97 is also asked to retire flags given to us by other organizations in a ceremonial burning of the flag at our outdoor events. This is one of the most solemn ceremonies that you will participate in as a Cub Scout and this ceremony assures that the flag is retired with the dignity and respect that should be shown to our nation's flag.

Respect for our Country's Veterans

Every year on Veteran's Day, the Cub Scouts place flags on the graves of deceased veterans and attend ceremonies and parades with current veterans and members of our armed forces to show our respect for our Country's Veterans.

The Cub Scout Promise

I promise to do my best

In the promise we pledge to do our best. Doing our best means giving our best effort in everything we do and by doing our best, we show respect for ourselves.

To do my duty to God and my country

We do our duty to God within the religion you follow by giving thanks for our friends, family, all the others who love us. We show respect for other people's religious beliefs even when they are different from our own. We respect our country by being good citizens. We care for others in our community, we take care of the flag and we obey the law. 

To help other people

Pack 97 shows respect for others by caring for others in our community with Scouting for Food and contributions to Project Just Because for other families during the holidays. You can show the same kind of respect and care for others at home by helping your parents out with chores around the house. You can help other people at school by making friends with someone who is new or who does not have a lot of friends. Respecting and helping others is not always easy, but we must think of others instead of ourselves, even when it might be inconvenient.

To obey the Law of the Pack

Cub Scouts show respect by obeying the Law of the Land and following the rules of their Akela. Cub Scouts should always do their best to follow the rules at home, in your school, and in your den and pack.

Can you think of other ways that show respect?