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Family and Scout Guidelines for Pack Meetings

  1. Den Leaders (or a parent in the Den) should bring a blanket for their Den to sit on. Dens may also bring their Den Doodle. An adult should be sitting with the boys at all times.
  2. Scouts should wear their Class A uniform (shirt, hat, belt, neckerchief) to Pack meetings.
  3. Cell phones should be turned off; if you must use your phone, please step into the lobby or outside in order to not disrupt the meeting.
  4. Please walk in the parish (no running, playing tag, etc.,) at all times.
  5. Scouts should show respect to their parents, Den Leaders, Pack Leaders and all presenters on stage at all times.
  6. Scouts should always show respect to each other, the flag, respond quickly to "signs up", and listen attentively to all presenters.
  7. All children MUST be accompanied by a parent to the bathrooms.
  8. Please keep the parish hall clean! 
  9. In order to allow scouts and guests to hear our speakers/performers, please keep adult conversations outside or out of the room where the meeting is taking place.
  10. Small children/siblings are welcome to our Pack events, but please take any loud/disruptive children out into the hallway or outside until they are able to return to the meeting without being disruptive.
  11. Dens have been assigned certain duties at each Pack meeting. Please talk with your son about their role in the upcoming Pack meeting and what they can do to help the meeting be a success. This may require that you bring your son early or stay after to help clean up.