Volunteers Needed

In order to make this kick off and crossover a success for everyone, we need your help! Please email George Gaughan at gaughan1family@gmail.com with the areas you can help with and your Den number. 

Ceremony Set up Crew
  • 2 Parents for each Beltloop station (see below)
  • Snack set up
  • Snack clean up
  • Campfire 
  • Site clean up

Beltloop Coaches

This year we would like to allow the boys to earn 1 or 2 beltloops at our campout. Beltloops are fun and easy to earn for the boys. We will need at least 2 parents who can facilitate each station and walk the boys through the steps of earning the beltloop. Information for what needs to be done is available here (you just need to do the first 3 for the BELTLOOP, NOT the pin - that is much more involved!). It will not be possible for all boys to earn all 4 beltloops, but these are options we can choose from. We would like to offer at least 2 or 3 different options and boys will likely have time to earn 1 beltloop: