Campout Rules

  1. 1.      Absolutely NO ALCOHOL or controlled substances are to be used or be present at any Scouting function.

    2.      The use of tobacco around youth participants is prohibited.  The parking lot will be designated the (only) smoking area, and smokers will be expected to properly dispose of any resulting trash.

    3.      Due to insurance and liability issues, swimming and boating activities are prohibited to all participants of the Pack 97 encampment.  Please do not bring any boating or swimming equipment with you to the encampment.  Feel free to leave the Split Rock site to go boating as a family.

    4.      Volunteer Leaders will be readily identified by the scout shirts and or name pins they will wear throughout the encampment.

    5.      Cub Scouts are to be under the active supervision of no less than 2 adults at all times.  Any properly organized group that wishes to leave the encampment area to go for a hike is required to check out with a Campout volunteer, and to have a working cell phone or walkie-talkie with them.  This number should be given to the Campout volunteer before leaving the area.  If personal circumstances require that you leave the encampment area, please let a Campout volunteer know.  These precautions are to prevent any Cub Scout from getting lost, as well as to prevent triggering any unnecessary Search and Rescue Operations.  Please know where your children are at all times.

    6.      Under no circumstances may any youth stay in the tent of an adult other than his parent or guardian unless accompanied by said parent or guardian.  No persons of opposing gender may share a tent unless married to one another.

    7.      Hand washing is required before any food preparation or eating.

    8.      All adult and youth participants are expected to help willingly with the various tasks that must be completed for any camping trip to be a success.  Such tasks might include serving food, singing loudly, cleaning up, putting on a skit, filling a bucket with water, having a tug of war, helping set up and take down tents, playing games, setting a table, winning and losing happily, washing hands and brushing teeth, laughing excessively, treating everyone with respect, and always helping the pack to grow.

    9.      The telling of ghost stories is strongly discouraged and will not occur during the campfire or any official gathering.

    10.  In keeping with the Spirit of the Great Outdoors and the Brotherhood of Scouting, you are hereby requested and required to leave all PS2s, ipods, CD and DVD players and all such other electronic contraptions at home!  (Adults may of course bring their cell phones, but please keep their use to a minimum.)

    11.  Follow all the safety instructions of the Campout Volunteers during the encampment.  This is essential in order that we all enjoy a safe and fun weekend.  In the event of an injury, notify a leader or Campout Volunteer right away.  A First Aid Kit will be onsite, as well as First Aid Certified people.

    12.  In the morning, Scouts may not get up and start playing until morning call is sounded.  (A quiet trip to the latrine is, of course, permissible.)