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Den Recycling Days

Pack 97 reserves recycling days at the Hopkinton Recycling Center to collect redeemable bottles and cans for our Pack. The redeemables collected on assigned recycling days help to offset your Cub Scout's costs for various supplies and Pack 97 events.

Your Den Leaders will work out a schedule of times for scouts in each den to man the redeemable collection area at the recycling center on your recycling day. Typically Cub Scouts are scheduled in one hour increments of 2-3 scouts who must be accompanied by a parent or guardian if they are on site at the recycling center. The Cub Scouts will help to sort redeemable bottles and cans so that designated parents or leaders can bring the bottles and cans to be redeemed at specific locations. Please bring outside work gloves for both you and your son with you on your assigned recycling day. See the schedule below to find out the date for your Cub Scout's Recycling Day.

Please feel free to begin collecting any redeemable bottles and cans from family/friends at home to bring to the recycling center on one of our Pack recycling days, as every penny we collect counts!

Date Dens
September 7, 2013 6 & 1
October 19, 2013 11 & 2
November 2, 2013 12 & 3
November 16, 2013 5 & 7
December 7, 2013 4, 9 & 10

If you prefer, you can redeem your bottles and cans (except for Pepsi products!) directly at Julio's Liquors, located in the Westborough Shopping Center on Route 9 East, and deposit your redeemables slip in the box next to the Pack 97 Flyer. If we redeem up to $100 worth of bottles and cans during the following date ranges, Julio's will match with up to $100 each time:
  • August 26 – September 9
  • October 7 – October 21
  • October 22 – November 4
  • November 11 – November 25
  • November 25 – December 9

See the Pack 97 Recycle/Redemption Center Volunteering Guide for more details.

Thank you for your help in supporting Pack 97!