How does pack fundraising affect you? It is through the efforts of every Cub Scout in our pack that we are able to raise money for our pack events, venues and supplies. With your help in our annual Wreath Sales, we strive to earn the majority of our money that is used throughout the year to support our pack. In addition, if enough is earned through our annual Wreath Sales, the pack may be able to further help subsidize each Cub Scout's costs for optional events, such as campouts, cookouts, or Cub Jam.

The following list includes some items our pack funds are used for:
  • Neckerchiefs (wolf & up) 
  • Pack meetings (supplies, entertainment, etc.) 
  • Pine Wood Derby cars & trophies 
  • Advancements for all 
  • Klondike Derby Supplies 
  • Blue & Gold Banquet, gifts, Arrows of Light (partial), decorations 
  • Lost in Woods Program 
  • Cub Jam Supplies 
  • Items for events such as food, permits, etc. 
  • Membership in Council and Insurance 
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October 19, 2013 Annual Wreath Sale This is the primary fundraiser for the Pack and we hope you will encourage your son to do their best to help us earn funds for the Pack. 
October 19, 2013 Den Recycling Days The redeemables collected on assigned recycling days help to offset your Cub Scout's costs for various supplies and Pack 97 events. 
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