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Roger Williams Park Zoo Overnight

Saturday, October 6, 2012 - Sunday, October 7, 2012 (Columbus Day weekend) 

Registration: Wednesday, September 5th at 10am (via email, first come first serve)

Cost: $55 per person (includes Jack O'Lantern Spectacular)

Limited to 40 people maximum

Payment and forms due: Wednesday, September 19th

You will need to arrive promptly at 5:45 pm. Cars will be directed to secure parking and will not allow late arrivals.

Basic program is as follows:

We Love the Nightlife:

When the sun goes down, many animals are just waking up. Learn about creatures of the night and the adaptations that enable them to survive in a world of darkness. While learning about nocturnal animals, participants will meet three education animals, tour the zoo at night and dissect owl pellets.

We will have VIP access to the Spectacular trail (our reason for booking October). This means we will NOT be waiting in the regular admission line that can be 2 hours long! Instead, we will be escorted by the Overnight Program Director to a VIP entrance to the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular (JOLS) trail. Once on the trail we will not be the only ones there. Other JOLS visitors will also be enjoying the trail so there may be short waits to see some displays. It takes about 45 minutes to experience the entire display. NOTE: The overnight portion and night hike is Pack 97 exclusively.

If it rains, the outdoor zoo tour will continue as planned, so please be sure to bring appropriate clothing if rain is in the forecast.

While on the zoo tour during the night hike, only red-lens flashlights will be used because most animals cannot see red light. Regular flashlights are allowed in the sleeping area only.

Sleeping arrangements are in the Education Center - secure,temperature controlled building on floors of vinyl tile. Participants bring sleeping bag and air mattress (twin size). Full size is allowed if it is for parent and son.

Individual medical forms and risk release forms are required for each participant three weeks in advance to Jo Greystone along with payment. I will be sending out an email for registration on Wednesday, September 5th at 10am. The first 20 parents to respond to that email will receive an email confirmation from me immediately. All forms and checks will need to be turned in to me by Wednesday, September 19th. While we certainly like to include family and siblings on our events, this one is so popular and limited by the zoo that we are trying to make it as fair to everyone as possible.