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Klondike Derby Towns and Activities

Let your Den Leader know that you would like to help.

Anchorage: Fire building

Scouts start a fire and boil a quart of water (wood, water, and pot carried on the sleds).

Skagway: Blindfolded Stretcher Carry 

Blindfolded Scouts carry a fifth Scout (not blindfolded) on a stretcher round a course following directions given by the Scout on the stretcher

Chillkoot Pass: Log Saw 

Scouts are provided with two-man saws and sawbucks. They must saw through a six-inch log against the clock. They bring the piece they saw off to the bonfire later in the day.

Fairbanks: Ice Rescue

Each Scout throws a rope to a victim who has "fallen through the ice.” Older Scouts may be asked to demonstrate the correct knot to use (bowline). Don’t worry; we won’t really be on the ice.

Bonanza Creek: Timed Course

Each sled team is timed in pulling its sled around a course. The Den Leader, or another parent, serves as the “musher”.

Juneau: Snowshoeing

A relay race while wearing snowshoes. 

Dawson: Signaling

Scouts will need to decipher a message (“Do Your Best”) sent to them from across a field using semaphore flags. 

Closing Ceremony

A bonfire and refreshments (hot chocolate, donuts, etc.) will conclude the afternoon's events.