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Center Trail Cleanup

Saturday, May 11, 2013
10:00 am - 4:00 pm (but come when you can, even if it is for an hour!)
Center Trail Head Hopkinton, MA

We were recently made aware of a community service opportunity that you may wish to participate in as a family, individually, or as a den. This will help benefit a local trail in Hopkinton and could be a great way to spend even an hour helping out! This service project can also count towards many achievements or electives that the scouts have (at all different ranks). 

The trail starts just off the Loop Road by the fields. Drive past the Hopkins School and around to the other side of the loop. Park on the right, across from the fields. Peter will put a red lawn chair out to indicate the trail head where you will go. We will be clearing leaves and sticks off portions of the Center Trail. Please bring a lawn rake and work gloves.


Peter LaGoy can answer any questions you have about this project and will be there during the clean up.


The Center Trail portion that is the focus of this effort extends from Main Street at Hopkinton Lumber and runs approximately 0.6 miles through the woods along an old railroad bed to the Loop Road. The work party will meet on the Loop Road side, as there is parking in that area. The trail is 3500 feet long, with markings (called stations, posts in the ground) every 100 feet. The idea is to clean the leaves off the trail for two purposes 1) most importantly, to remove organic material so that the trail is a firm surface into the future. Following the leave removal, the first layer of soil (low organic - sand and gravel) will be added in portions of the trail that have been eroded over the next few weeks to produce a level trail. 2) the second reason for the raking is simply to make the trail more usable in the near-term. The trail is used regularly by runners and leaves hidden rocks and can lead to twisted ankles; the raking will help prevent this. Older scouts could help younger scouts or perhaps also clean the drainage channel in their portion of the trail. There will also be work needed clearing sticks and leaves out of the drainage ditch that runs along much of the trail. If fewer scouts show up, we could focus on those areas that address both purposes above (roughly half the trail).

The work is being done under the Community Preservation Committee, which is the source of the money that will be used to get the surface materials purchased and spread. The Hopkinton Trail Club has been a proponent of the project, as has the Hopkinton Area Land Trust who has a Conservation Restriction on a portion of the trail.

The Plan Moving Forward

The plan is to put down the base (common borrow) layer this fall, let it settle over the winter, then to put the two surface layers down (a 6 inch layer of road-base material, covered by a 2 inch stone dust layer) in the late spring, depending on the weather. The hope is that the trail is operational by summer 2013. The trail will be designed to be 10 feet wide with a stone dust surface and will be a multi-use trail, meaning that wheeeled vehicles such as bikes can use it.