The Pack Committee

The Pack Committee is organized by the Pack Committee Chairperson and is responsible for:

  • Finding a meeting place
  • Setting the Pack policies in accordance with Boy Scouting and the chartered organization
  • Coordinating the Pack program with that of the charter organization
  • Assisting with the annual Pack charter renewal
  • Carrying out the policies and regulations of the Boy Scouts of America
  • Providing encouragement to leaders in carrying out the Pack program
  • Providing the finances and fundraising coordination for the Pack
  • Maintaining pack property
  • Recruiting and training quality adult leadership in conjunction with the charter organization
  • Coordinating between the Pack and other scouting units
Contact us with any questions or comments that you may have.
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Cubmaster Aaron Akins 01 
Committee Chair Robert Contreras 02 
Chartered Organization Rep Rick Reeves 03 
-------------------------------------   04 
Advancement Joanna Dexter 05 
Popcorn Joanna Dexter 06 
Secretary Open 07 
Treasurer Nick Pratt 08 
Webmaster Kasey King 09 
-------------------------------------   10 
1st Grade Den #3 Leader Nikki Abeln - Interim 10.5 
2nd Grade Den #2 Leader Jason Hughes 11 
3rd Grade Den #1 Leader Nick Pratt 12 
4th Grade Den #10 Leader Troy Stull 13 
4th Grade Den #11 Leader Michelle Guker 14 
5th Grade Den #8 Leader Robert Contreras 15 
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