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      Below are the Steps you can should take to get your website launched. Please read the testimonials if you have any doubt about using this page exactly as it is presented.  We did not make the testimonials up, nor did we edit them in any way. They are written by leaders who have been on this trail before you.
      Each of the tasks below include a link to a Google Document.  To gain access to ALL the documents in the Launch Countdown, you MUST fill out the form in Item 02.  We will NOT share individual documents.
      As you complete each task, use the "Progress" column to check it off.  When the list is complete you will be ready to launch the website for your Pack.  This system works, it is proficient, and it is complete.  If you follow the directions as written you will learn everything you need to know about maintaining this website and you will be prepared to hand it over to leaders that follow.

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      Item #TaskProgressDescriptionDifficultyLink to Follow
      00 Read This First  Pull up a chair. Your trail to a great Pack Website starts here ---> Medium Read This First 
      01 Using the "Launch Countdown" Page  Some tips about this page and the best way to get your website off the ground Easy Launch Countdown Tips 
      02 Register to View Documents  You MUST complete this step. Otherwise you can't open the remaining instructions. Easy Gain Access to the Instructions Below. 
      03 Custom Graphics  Change three graphics to personalize this website Hard How to Customize the Images  
      04 Site Navagation  Getting familiar with how the menu bars work and how to keep them current Medium Site Navigation 
      05 How News Stories Work  Understanding how "Pack News" and "Den News" works is important. I get asked about it often. This will clear up the confusion quite nicely. Medium How News Stories Work 
      06 Configurating The Website  Just a couple simple steps and your website will start looking and acting like your website Easy Configuring Your Website 
      07 Creating Leader Gmail Accounts  Your leaders should be provided with Pack accounts, created by you. They should use their account for all Pack and Den business. Medium Creating Pack Gmail Accounts 
      08 Updating Your Contacts  Before we get into the next few items you'll need to update your Contacts in your Pack Gmail one last time Easy Updating Your Contacts 
      09 Creating and Using Online Forms  Online Forms are the perfect tool for gathering information from parents or visitors. Learn how to do it. This is a MUST learn. Medium Creating and Using Forms 
      10 Google Doc's and "Collections"  We will start pouring the foundation. Then we will build a beautiful house on it. (You can post that on facebook) Hard Google Doc's and "Collections" 
      11 Calendars 101  Your website will use several calendars. Each calendar will be maintained by a different leader. The website will display them together in really cool colors. Hard Pack and Den Calendars 
      12 Final Edit of the Pages  We list the pages you want to edit. Pages that require attention anyway. Medium Editing the Pages 
      13 Google Sites Help  You will bump into several brick walls eventually. Google Sites has a fairly good Help area. Easy Google Sites Help 
      14 Configure the Leader Accounts  All the prep work is done. Lets log into your leader accounts and pull it all together. Medium Configure Leader Accounts 
      15 Training the Leaders  The most important part of the entire project is getting your leaders trained and involved in the website. Hard Training the Leaders 
      16 We Really Want to Know  Please tell us what you think about the instructions to this point. We are very curious and we would love to hear your thoughts. Easy Progress Report 
      17 The Last Few Loose Ends  Some final steps and some final thoughts. Medium The Last Few Loose Ends 
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