Knife Safety (Whittling Chip)

Whittling Chip
Only Bears and above may use pocket knives in Cub Scouts, and only then if
  • they have earned and been awarded the Whittling Chip patch/card,
  • they adhere to the Cub Scout knife safety rules,
  • they have permission of their parent and Den Leader.

Any Cub Scout who brings a pocket knife to a campout must be able to show the Cubmaster on demand either the Whittling Chip patch earned or the card earned. The Cubmaster or Den Leader may revoke any Scout's Whittling Chip for breach of knife safety rules at any time. Such a Scout will have to re-earn their Whittling Chip.

No knives at night.

No using them in crowded areas.

Click here for a whittling Chip Worksheet

Knife safety and Whittling Chip are covered under Bear Requirement 19,a summary of those requirements is here.