Popcorn 2017

Important Popcorn Information

Sally Skerl – Pack 617 Popcorn Kernel – wilsa@hotmail.com

    1. How to Sell – there are 3 ways!!!
  1. Ways to sellWhen you can startComments
    Door to door (Show and Sell)8/1/2017- or as soon as you get a form.
    1. Be sure wear your uniform!  
    Store salesOur store sales start in mid/late September through mid October 2017 this year.  

    The day/time/location of our store sales can be found below.  

    To sign up for a time slot go here:

    1. The money that your scout makes during store sales is calculated in the following way:  
      1. Total sales/# of boys that were scheduled to sell during the weekend
      Only the scouts that are physically signed up will get credit for the sales
    1. Here is the link. Please only sign up for 1 booth as we have new scouts joining and want to make sure everyone gets a chance to sell. Link: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C0E49ADA82EAA8-popcorn1 
    2. .  Please wear
    Class A uniform.  This is your scout shirt and blue dress pants or shorts.

    5.  If you are the first booth of the day, you will need to get the
    popcorn from our house either the night before or 1/2 hour before your booth.

    6.  If you are the last booth of the day, we will need you to bring the
    remaining popcorn and tables and money back to our house.  I will try to
    be at the booths to pick up, but some of them close at the same time and I can
    only be at one place.

    7.  We will have the option to take credit cards again this year.  If
    you are comfortable with taking credit cards, please download the square app
    onto your smart phone and the square reader and login and password will be at
    the booth.  Please do not feel that you have to take credit card, but it
    does help sales because people don't always have cash or check.

    8.  There will be bins for donations.  A change this year is these will not count towards accumulated prize levels.
    The boys will receive 20% of all donations collected during the weekend into their scout account. This is new for
    this year.

    9.  If you need more popcorn, please call and I will bring it to the
    store.  I will try and check with each shift to make sure they are still
    10.  Please do not open the boxes of popcorn.  They are sold as boxes
    and if opened we are responsible for the cost of the popcorn.

    11.  Please remember you are representing our Pack and our schools. 
    Be courteous and kind to all people even if they don't buy popcorn.

    Online saleshttps://www.trails-end.com/
    Each boy will get 15% of their sales into their scout account to be used for uniform, dues, camp, etc. Online sales receive different prizes, but can be used for the accumulated prizes  To set up a profile online go to www.trails-end.com and register and you will be able to set up a webpage.

    1. How do I get the product that I have orders for?
      1. Fill out a Product Pickup form.
      2. Email it to Sally Skerl (wilsa@hotmail.com).
      3. You will be contacted when popcorn is available for pick-up.  

    1. What are the Key Dates for the 2017 Fundraiser?

    • 8/1/17 – Popcorn fundraiser kickoff

    • 8/30/17 - Please get me any orders that you have taken and I will order the popcorn so you can deliver to your customers the 3rd week in September. Please either make a copy and email it to me or send me a picture via email. Please make sure it is legible

    • 9/22/17-10/8/17 - Show and Sell booths- We have over 100 hours to sell at local Krogers. Please look for a sign up genius coming in the next day or so. The booths are usually 1 hour shifts and will be on Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday.  Please only sign up for one at this time.  I will let you know when more can be filled.  This is so all boys have equal opportunity to get slots.  If you sign up for more than one at this time, I will remove your name

    • 9/16/17 - First order popcorn comes in. This will be our biggest order because it should include most of our show and sell and any first orders that I received.

    • 10/24/2017 - Final orders due to me. I will try to fill as many of these as I can from Show and sell, but may need to get more. Please also give me prize orders at this time. We highly recommend scout bucks over the prizes offered as you can often get the same prizes at the scout store for a more reasonable price. Not required, just a recommendation.

    • 11/11/2011 - Any popcorn that needed ordered will be in.

    • 11/21/17 - Final money due.

  What are some of the prizes?

  •             Any scout selling over $650 will be invited to a pack event in January at a to be determined location
  •               Any scout selling $100 will receive the 2017-2018 pack shirt for free. Shirts will be available for purchase for everyone else.
  •               The top 3 sellers will receive a cash prize from the Pack.
             Any scout selling $1,200 will get the opportunity to see the new Star Wars movie the day after it comes out.

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