Church Policy For Pack 501

Redeemer’s UCC Policies For Pack 3501 & Troop 0501

1. An applicant to be a potential committee member or leader must be approved by the Committee.  Then that potential committee member or leader will serve a three-month evaluation period before being accepted and voted in by the Committee. The trial period will be used to ensure that there is a correct fit between the candidate and the Pack/Troop. The vote to accept must be a unanimous vote.

2. Once voted in, new committee members and leaders must be fully trained within six months.  If there are extenuating circumstances concerning the training, exceptions for the time requirement may be brought before the Committee for consideration. If training is not completed within one year, the individual will not be re-chartered. The new committee members will have full voting privileges upon reaching the six-month
anniversary of membership (three months of trial membership and three months of “voted in” membership).

3. The positions of Treasurer, Cubmaster / Scoutmaster and Committee Chair will be decided by the COR and Church Scout Committee.

4. Leaders meetings will be held from 7:00 - 7:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month. Parents with suggestions for activities may give them to the Assistant CM/SM before the meeting to be considered.  Parents will be notified of the outcome of their suggestion(s). Leadership from the Cub / Scoutmaster down to the Assistant Den Leaders plans the program; The Committee makes sure that the plan works for the Boys.  Committee meetings will begin directly thereafter at 7:30p.m.  This time and date can be adjusted as necessary.

5. The Boy Scouts of America Code of Conduct must be followed in all situations involving Pack/Troop 501.

6. This chain of command must be followed at all times: if there is a problem, scouts or parents should consult the den leader first. If there is no answer given by the next scheduled meeting, they may go to the Assistant CM/SM. After that, they may proceed to the CM/SM, etc.  They should respect the privacy of leaders by contacting them by phone calls only; those calls should be restricted to late afternoon or early
evening hours.

7. All concerns / issues should be discussed at an appropriate time away from the Cubs and their activities. If the leader determines that there is repeated failure to abide by this rule, the leader may ask the parties involved to leave the meeting/activity.

8. Cubs can only earn their belt loops, pins, etc. one time while at the Pack level.  All awards require proof of completion by the Den Leader or Advancement Chair and must be signed off and awarded by the Advancement Chair.  If a boys den leader is his parent, he must go to a different leader to be signed off.

9. Camperships will be handled by the Scoutmaster/Cubmaster only. This is a private process between the party involved and the SM/CM who will be in charge of approving the application.

10. Payments must be received by the Pack/Troop for all activities (including re-chartering), before registration will occur for that activity. No refunds will be given for last minute cancellations. Re-chartering fees are due at the October pack meeting unless prior arrangements are made with the Treasurer and Scoutmaster/Cubmaster.

11. All property and monies are the property of Redeemer’s United Church of Christ. The checking account title will be Redeemer’s United Church of Christ Cub Pack 501 or Troop 501.  All checks must have two signatures.  There will be an annual audit of the accounts in June or July.  All banking statements will be mailed directly to Redeemer’s.  For individual Cub accounts: all monies put into the Scouts’ individual accounts are to be used by the Scout for Pack-led events only.  Money put into the Scout’s account is
tracked in the Pack account. The Pack / Troop Committee will decide which fundraisers put money into individual accounts.  When Webelos II move up to Troop 501, the monies in their account may move up with them.  If any scout leaves the Pack / Troop, all funds in the scout’s account are forfeited. In all scouting situations that require it, there must be strict CONFIDENTIALITY.

Approved by Consistory July 14, 2008

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