Popcorn Sale

Popcorn Order Form - Google Spreadsheet

Make a copy for yourself to track your son's orders. Can be used on a smart phone or tablet while selling door-to-door.


Sunday, 9/11, 4:30 pm

Popcorn Kick-Off at Pack Meeting

Pick up order forms & sale information

Saturday, 9/17, 8 am-1 pm

Group Selling Event - Starbucks, Highland Ave.

Sunday, 9/18, 10 am-6 pm

Group Selling Event - Roche Brothers, Chestnut St.

Saturday, 10/8, 10 am-6 pm

Group Selling Event - Volante Farms, Forest St.

Sunday, 10/16, 10 am-4 pm

Group Selling Event - Sudbury Farms, Highland Ave.

Saturday, 10/22, Time TBD

Sunday, 10/23, Time TBD

Popcorn Sale Ends — Final Check-Out

Anita Bagg’s House,  42 Perry Drive

Turn in completed/tallied order forms, money & prize selection

Saturday, 11/19

Additional Popcorn Available (only if needed)

Saturday, 12/3, 11-1pm

Popcorn Celebration - Dave & Buster’s, Braintree


Selling popcorn teaches the boys valuable life skills such as setting goals and working to achieve them, handling money, how to present oneself and how to deal with rejection. 

In addition, popcorn pays for your son’s Scouting program. Your $70 in dues pays for less than half of the annual cost of Scouting in Pack 4; popcorn pays for the rest. Popcorn also helps support programs offered by our Council such as SOAR and Saturday programs at New England Base Camp (Camp Sayre).


We don’t force anyone to sell popcorn, however, to attend our popcorn celebration at Dave & Buster’s, a Scout must sell a minimum of $250 worth of popcorn ($400 combined for families with 2 or more Scouts). If your Scout meets the minimum sales requirement, he and a parent can attend our Popcorn Celebration at Dave & Buster’s at no cost. If the Pack as a whole sells over $20,000 worth of popcorn, the Pack will have sufficient funds to offer discounted overnight fees to all Scouts in the Pack (approximately $40 per overnight).  


  • Direct Sales/Door-to-Door — Scouts take their order form to neighbors, family and friends and ask them to buy popcorn. All money is collected from customers at the time of sale; popcorn will be available for delivery to customers no later than November 19th.
  • Group Selling Events — Sell popcorn with other Scouts at public places. See below for more information. All popcorn is provided by the Pack and sold to customers during the event.
  • Order at Work — Have family members take your Scout’s order form to work and sell to their co-workers.
  • Online Sales — family and friends out of town can order popcorn online via www.trails-end.com. See below for information on setting up a personalized selling page.


  • Scouts should wear their Class A uniform (blue/khaki shirt, neckerchief, etc.).
  • Bring a few pens and cash to make change (especially $5s and $10s — many products are $10 or $15).
  • Sell with a friend. Consider pairing an older/more experienced Scout with a younger Scout.
  • Don’t send your Scout out alone to sell popcorn.
  • Don’t sell after dark.
  • NEVER go into someone’s home.

Tip: Try selling popcorn door-to-door during Patriots half-time — there are 1:00 games on 9/18, 10/2, 10/9 and 10/16.


Your Scout should practice his sales pitch ahead of time, including what to do if someone says no. A successful Popcorn Sales Pitch is:

“Hi, my name is Ted and I’m selling popcorn to raise money for my Cub Scout Pack. Would you like to buy some popcorn and help us?” or even stronger, “You’ll help us out, won’t you?”

If the answer is yes, give the customer the order form. If the answer is no, say, “Thank you for your time,” and move on. If someone doesn’t want to purchase popcorn, you can ask if they’d like to make a donation to send popcorn to the military overseas; you can then pool any cash donations into military popcorn donations. 


Money is collected from customers at the time of sale. We accept cash and checks — all checks should be made payable to “Needham Pack 4.”

You can also accept credit cards using the Square app/device. During Group Selling Events, we ask at least one parent to set up the Square app on his/her iPhone or Android device so we can accept credit cards (visit squareup.com for more information and to get a card reader). The Pack has a limited number of credit card readers for individual Scouts to borrow. If you’d like to accept credit cards when your son sells door-to-door, please contact Andrea Carter to borrow a reader and get the Pack’s account information.


We have organized several opportunities for boys to sell popcorn with other Scouts at public places. You must sign up in advance using the online forms available on the Pack 4 website (see above). Total sales for each event are allocated equally to Scouts who participate for credit toward the minimum sales requirement and prize levels. To keep things fair, boys can participate in only 1 group selling hour (you can sign up for 1 group selling slot and 1 alternate slot). If spots are unfilled 2 days prior to the event, they will be opened up to all Scouts in the Pack on a first come, first served basis.

Key Facts about Group Selling Events

  • Scouts wear their Class A uniform (blue/khaki shirt, neckerchief, etc.).
  • All popcorn, cash for change, etc. will be provided by the Pack — all you need to do is show up!
  • Parents remain at the event with their children.


On October 22-23 we will hold popcorn check-out meetings for all Scouts (only a parent need attend these sessions; Scouts are welcome but not required). At the popcorn check-out you will bring your completed/tallied order forms, money collected from customers and your son’s prize selection. If we can, we will give you the popcorn needed to fill customer orders (popcorn is given out on a first come, first served basis so it’s to your benefit to register for the earliest time slot you can). You will need to sign up online for a 15-minute check-out slot and we will ask for parent volunteers to assist with check-outs.


If we have inventory remaining, we will give it to you at your popcorn check-out. Any additional product needed will be available no later than November 19th.

We have a limited supply of popcorn available for Scouts who would like product to show customers, or for orders that need to be filled prior to 11/19. If you are interested in this, please contact Anita Bagg at popcorn.pack4@gmail.com.


Have friends and family from out of town purchase popcorn online (please note, product offered online is different and completely separate from that offered by the Pack)! Online orders count toward the minimum sales requirement and prize levels. New this year is the ability to personalize your online selling by adding photos and a narrative. You also have the ability to share your selling page on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you want to sell online, all Scouts will need to create new online selling accounts this year (even if they were created in the past). Please follow the steps below:

  • Go to sell.trails-end.com/scout/register
  • Select Register (Red Oval at the Top of the Page) / Then choose “Scout/Parent”
  • Choose “No” because you are creating an account for your son; you will enter your Scout’s name, but the PARENT’S email address and birthdate
  • Create a username and password
  • Find your unit: Enter your zip code and “4” for the Unit Number
  • Find and select “Pack 4 / Presbyterian Church / Great Blue Bill / Spirit of Adventure” 
  • You can then personalize your selling page
  • You must complete the “About Me” section to enable online selling
  • To begin selling, find the “Share Your Page” section (on the bottom of the black left side) and select the method of communication you’d like to use (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.)
  • Trail’s End automatically sends emails to anyone whose address you enter with instructions on how they can order popcorn online


Popcorn rewards/prizes are provided by Trail’s End Popcorn, the Spirit of Adventure Council and Pack 4. All Scouts who sell at least $25 receive a patch. A detailed prize table is available inside your popcorn order form. Additional rewards from Pack 4 and the Spirit of Adventure Council are shown below. All prizes are given out in December or later.

Popcorn Sales

Additional Pack and Council Rewards


($400 for siblings)

Scout + Parent attend Dave & Buster’s Celebration on 12/3/16


$20 Gift Card - choice of Scout Shop or Amazon.com


$175 voucher to attend any Spirit of Adventure Council camp for 2016-2017 

(this includes February/April vacation camps as well as summer camp and family camp)


Eligible to join the Trail's End Scholarship Program

#2 and #3 Highest Selling Scouts in Pack 

Scout gets to throw a pie in a Pack Leader’s face during a Pack meeting!

Top-selling Scout in Pack

Scout gets to throw a pie in the Cubmaster’s face during a Pack meeting!


Anita Bagg

42 Perry Drive (off Marked Tree, tan house)

617-710-3166 (c)


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