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2nd grade - Wolf

Wolf Scout Program Information:

Welcome to the Wolf Den!


Wolves are second grade boys (or boys that are 8 years old) who work toward earning their Wolf rank. During the Wolf year Scouts will learn and complete many tasks at den meetings as well as at home helping them learn more about camping, hiking and being safe outdoors, how to be a good citizen, making good choices, perform a skit and much more.

If a Wolf is new to Cub Scouting he must first earn his Bobcat rank before he can earn his Wolf rank. Each Wolf Scout must complete six core Wolf adventures and one of the thirteen Wolf elective adventures to receive his Wolf Rank badge. After completing an adventure each Cub Scout will receive an immediate recognition award in the form of a adventure loop that he can wear on his belt. Adventure loops are color coded and specific to each Scouting year. Wolf adventure loops have red edges.

After he has earned the Wolf badge, a Wolf Scout can work on the remaining 12 Wolf electives until he finishes second grade (or turns 9 years old). He can choose elective adventures that may show him new hobbies and teach him skills that will be useful during his Boy Scout years. When he completes an elective adventure, he receives an additional adventure loop to wear on his belt.


Wolf Den Meetings and Pack Meetings:

wolf-handbook-coverPack 475 Wolf Den meetings are held once a month at the Guilford Lakes School. Look at the Wolf calendar on this page for more information on Wolf Den specific meetings as well as the monthly Pack 475 meetings.

Please wear Class A Uniform to all functions/meetings (unless your den leader has specified otherwise).