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4th grade - Webelos I

Webelos Scout Program Information:

Welcome to the Webelos 1 Den!

Webelos 1 Cub Scouts are boys and girls in the fourth grade (or 10 years old) who work toward earning their Webelos rank. Webelos 1 (pronounced “WEE-buh-

los”, means WE’ll BE LOyal Scouts) is the first twelve months of an approximately twenty month program which teaches Cub Scouts about Boy Scouting and begins to prepare them to successfully bridge into a Boy Scout Troop. Webelos are gradually given more control, decision-making power, and responsibility as they progress in skills, ability and maturity. If a boy is new to Cub Scouting he must first earn his Bobcat Rank before he can earn his Webelos Rank.

To earn the Webelos Rank badge a Webelos Scout must complete five core and two elective adventures as well as the Cyber Chip award requirements for this Scouting year. After completion of each core adventure the scout will be awarded with a Webelos Adventure Pin which is to be worn on his Webelos colors or Webelos hat. Completion of the elective adventures earns the Scout an adventure loop to be worn on the Webelos belt.

After he has earned the Webelos badge, a Webelos Scout can work on the remaining 18 shared Webelos and Arrow of Light electives until he finishes fourth grade (or turns 11 years old). He can choose elective adventures that may show him new hobbies and teach him skills that will be useful during his Boy Scout years. When he completes an elective adventure, he receives an additional adventure loop to wear on his belt.


Please wear Class A Uniform to all functions/meetings (unless your den leader has specified otherwise).