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Spring Family Campout

The entire family is invited!!

Our annual spring camp out at Deer Lake is always a great time for everyone. 

Location: The Pines and Leary Hall at Deer Lake (101 Paper Mill Rd, Killingworth, CT)
        The Pines is the first campsite seen on your left after arriving at Deer Lake
        Parking is in the first lot on the left as you pass the Pines.
        Tents can be set up under the pine trees or in the field. The lodge is located on the other side of the field from the campsite.

What to bring
* Tent
* Sleeping bag
* Clothes (pants, shorts, t shirt, sweatshirt, pjs)
* Rain gear
* Toiletries
* Class A uniform for Saturday night campfire
* Class B t shirt
Don't forget a water bottle (no cups provided)
* No need to bring a mess kit - The pack supplies forks/plates.
* Also, a rake is helpful to clear out pine needles before setting up your tent

1. If we are camping in tents- do the Dens stay together? 
No dens don't necessarily stay together, but you can if you want.  You can pitch the tent wherever you would like

2. Does everyone bring their own gear?
Yes See the list of supplies on this page. Don't forget water bottles. To help follow "Leave No Trace" the pack does not provide cups.

3. Do the kids need mess kits or does the pack provide paper plates etc. 
they will need to bring their own hot/cold cups, pack provides plates, cutlery, and napkins

4. Can one family sleep in separate tents.
Within the same family you can do whatever works for you. There can be no other children other than your own in the adult's tent.