Pack 42 Fundraising Program
Face it parents: we grew up in a different time. As kids, nothing was handed to us. We either worked or helped to earn our rewards: money, an activity with friends, or something we wanted. Scouting still believes in and stands for the core value of earning!

Unfortunately, we must also acknowledge that times are tougher now and things simply cost more.  It is our goal to develop a fundraisign program that limits the traditional pain of these activities while proividing the opportunities of the Pack's membership to rasie the funds necessary to operate the scouting program that brought everyone to Pack 42.

Pack 42 enjoys a very active and adventurous activities calendar, unfortunately keeping that level of 'outoing' in Scouting costs money; we will need your help to keep the cost of scouting passed back to the families as minimal as possible.

Myth Busting:
  • What about my BSA Membership dues?
    • Unfortunatley No!  Those dues go straight to the national organization.  Not one penny of those funds are returned to the local Pack, district or even council in the form of hard money to fund the ooperations.
  • What about those Pack dues?
    • The intent of the Pack dues is to provide a jump start to the operating fund.  In fact, the Pack dues are significantly less than the actual cost of simply running the core program for the year.  
  • Doesn't BSA provide all those awards my scout has been/will be earning?
    • Unfortunately NO!  Everything your scout is awarded and given from the pack is paid for by Pack 42 out of the Operating Fund.
  • What about Asbury UMC, don't they pay for everything?
    • Asbury UMC is our charted organization; as such they hold the charter that allows Pack 42 to exist through an agreement with BSA.  Asbury's role in funding the Pack is to support us to the extents they can.  This support may come in the form of facility use at no costs, assitance with people to staff and operate an event/fundraiser and yes on occasion they are capable of assisting with financial support by providign funds directly into the Pack's Operating Fund.
  • What is the Operating Fund and where does the money come from?
    • This fund is a revolving fund that provides the finances necessary to cover the costs of everything we do as a pack.  This is not a profit makign fund, so we typically operate with a very low balance in the account as we move through the year.  Unfortunatly, this fund is grossly incapable, at this time, of funding 100% of the costs for everything Pack 42 does and allows our Scouts to earn.
    • All of the monies in our Operating Fund come directly from fundraising efforts. These results come from two important sources:
      • Pack 42 fundraising opportunties
      • Community donations - these are donations that the leaders are able to obtain through direct solicitation to various community businesses and do not represent the builk of the funds.  Unfortunatly, competition for theese funds is very tight.

Benefits to Your Scout and Family:
  • Teaches Scouts the value & process of setting and working toward goals
  • Gives Scouts a strong sense of accomplishment through recognition
  • Enhances communication, leadership skills and confidence in your Scout
  • Scouts can earn funds that are deposited directly into their Individual Scout Account to be used in funding their cost of Scouting.
  • Scouts and families participate in funding the Packs needs and assure the continuation of the program you joined us to be apart of.  This asurance is not simply for this year, but for years to come.   

Fundraising Goal:

Pack Fundraising Opportunies:    $5,000/year
Community Donations:               $1,250/year

Fundraising above these volumes will allow the Pack to absorb more of the cost of scouting that is passed on the families to attend Pack 42 sponsored events.

Note 1: These values do not reflect the portion of fundraising dollars that are directed into Individual Scout Accounts from a Scout's direct support of fundraising opportunities.

Note 2: We do not have the means to cover the cost of District or Council sponored events without signifant increases in fundraising.  We are currently working on a program to develop funding support for these events, but the immediate focus is on Pack operations.  A Scout can use any monies accumulated in their Individual Scout Account to cover costs for these events.

Fundraising Uses:

Our fundraising effort helps to make Scouting a great experience for our sons, siblings and parents.  Here is a just a small sampling of your fund raising efforts and participation pay off:
  • Scout patches, badges and recognition awards presented to the scouts as part of the yearly program
  • Pinewood derby kits, trophies, track maintenance and improvements
  • Lowering the cost of pack outings
  • Fall Kick Off Event
  • Rank Graduation Event
  • Pack sports night
The more fundraising we generate the lower the cost of scouting for all.  Your help as a Pack 42 family goes along way in assuring the success of the Pack for this year and many years to come.

Parent Action Items

  • Contact the Pack Committee and sign up to assist on a Fundrasiing Project Subcommittee.
  • Help your scout to make the most of every fundraising opportunity we sponsor.
  • Find an intersting opportunity for fundrasiing, pass it on the Pack Committee.

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