Hiking Mileage Report Posted

posted Sep 29, 2014, 7:59 AM by Webmaster Pack42
That's right, we have been able to get the current Hiking Mileage Report posted for everyone to see the mileage of our scouts and leaders!  The current report summarizes the Hiking Club Miles accrued since 8/31/14 when we initiated the Pack 42 Hiking Club.

If your not on list, you haven't been out with us yet and we want you to join us.  Get up off the couch and join us each weekend as we continue to press on and put miles under our feet.  We are tackling the great National Parks and trails throughout our area:
          • Harpers Ferry National Park
  • Antietam Battlefield National Park
  • Appalachian Trail
  • Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Park
We are already working to expand the program to additonal parks / trails in the area to include Gettysburg Nation Historic Park.

Come out soon and start getting into the hiking mindset so you can enjoy the hikes and awards we have on the horizon!  Our scouts are earning hiking sticks, patches and hiking staff medallion; all the while learning outdoor skills, outdoor ethics and Leave No Trace principles.  We continue to practice the skills we learn on our hikes and always maintain a Leave No Trace mindset.

For more information on the hiking program, please see Mike Baker, Jesse Dixon or John German at any meeting.  You can also email John at jgerman@pack42ctwv.com for more information.

In the meantime, check our the Mileage Report and see how your, and the other scouts, are doing.  The list is sorted in alphabetical order by last name.

See ya on the trail!