Adventure Journal

posted Jul 18, 2014, 11:26 AM by Webmaster Pack42
The Pack 42 Adventure Journal has been launched!  As many may have noticed, the flow of photos and video up to the website to celebrate our adventures has been sloooowwwwww....  Well for Cubmaster John it has been a painstaking process to get what we have compiled and up.

It seems that our current systems simply requires too many moving parts to compile the photos, put them int he correct format, develop a "gallery", upload the gallery to site "a", develop the webpage here, cross link the gallery... you get the picture.

Well we are happy to report that our new system for publishing phtoos and videos is much more streamlined and efficient.  The menue ot the right (our main menu bar) has already been upgraded to list the "ADVENTURE JOURNAL" and we have been hard at work over the past weeks migrating the media we already have over to it and setting it up to integrate into our site.

We are pleased as punch to open the over to our Adventure Journal and encourage you to swing by and take a look.  While we have a good bit of media posted now, we will be continueing to add to it from Cubmaster John's archive.

Along with the photos and video of the of our adventures, we also have the Adventure Blog up on the Journal as well.  You'll want to follow this for  more narrative reports of our adventures as we move forward.  This is a great revision to our website and will save John countless hours of work to share this media with you.

As you will read in the first Adventure Blog entry, this proejct can only be resounding success if we have participation from many sources.  If you can share your photos and videos with us, we can add them to the Adventure Journal and everyone benefits.  Slide on over to the Adventure Journal and read the blog entry.

To share your photos and videos, please email them, or a message about them to: pics&

See you on our necxt adventure and in our Adventure Journal!