1000 Miles Hiked

posted Oct 13, 2014, 9:49 AM by Webmaster Pack42
WOW - Who would have predicted that only seven (7) weeks into the new scout year the brand new Hiking Club would have put over 1000 miles under their feet!!!

That right, as of yesterday's hike up Maryland Heights, the hiking club has logged 1,046.45 miles cummulative of its members!  Not too shabby for a program that was developed over the summer and rolled out on August 30th.  The leadership team of Pack 42 could not be more pleased with the reception of this program by the Pack and their participation.

Since the kick off of the program, the hiking club has completed segments of Harpers Ferry National Park, Antietam Battlefield National Park, C&O Canal National Park and Towpath and the Appalachian Trail.  Spreading out the hikes in different areas keeps the terrain, and level of difficulty, constantly changing - something that seems to be making the hikes more and more popular.  Our last two hikes had between 16 and 20 scouts attending, along with their families!

A huge bucket of thanks needs to be passed out to the three guys who work continually to bring an awesome outdoor program to the Pack and most notably of late - the hiking program.  We want to be sure they get their thanks publically, so thank you to:
  • Mike Baker - Hiking Coordinator
  • Jesse Dixon - Outdoor Programs Coordinator
  • John German - Cubmaster
Next time you see these guys let them know how much you appreciate their efforts!

Curious about some of the stats from the hiking club?  Here ya go:
  • Hikes average 2-10 miles in length, and a hiking outline is always provided for the hikers to preview before signing up for the hikes.  We have had Tigers finish every hike we have planned!
  • Each week sees new hikers joining the Hiking Club ranks as they put miles under their feet and earn well deserved awards.
  • Our most active hikers are poised to pass the 50 mile mark with their next hike!
  • We are always welcoming new hikers!
  • We try to build the long hikes with multiple entry/exit points to allow hikers to participate within their comfort level - eventually everyone ends up making the long ones too!
  • Signing up for hikes is easy - watch for the emails releasing the Hike registration, check out the details, review the hike and sign up through the provided Eventbrite link for the specific hike.  (You can always bookmark the Pack's Eventbrite page and check it often for updates as well: Pack 42 Eventbrite Home
  • Miles hiking add up to awards - even for family members!  Everyone is eligible for the Hiking Club, just join us for that first hike!
    • Note: All awards earned with the Hiking Club are supplental and the costs are covered by the individual scout/family - but all are presented at Pack Meetings.
  • You can always track your families miles by checking the Hiking Club Mileage Report, updated with a day or so of each hike.
Come out and enjoy some quality time on the trails with Pack 42!  See you at the next one!