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1000 Miles Hiked

posted Oct 13, 2014, 9:49 AM by Webmaster Pack42

WOW - Who would have predicted that only seven (7) weeks into the new scout year the brand new Hiking Club would have put over 1000 miles under their feet!!!

That right, as of yesterday's hike up Maryland Heights, the hiking club has logged 1,046.45 miles cummulative of its members!  Not too shabby for a program that was developed over the summer and rolled out on August 30th.  The leadership team of Pack 42 could not be more pleased with the reception of this program by the Pack and their participation.

Since the kick off of the program, the hiking club has completed segments of Harpers Ferry National Park, Antietam Battlefield National Park, C&O Canal National Park and Towpath and the Appalachian Trail.  Spreading out the hikes in different areas keeps the terrain, and level of difficulty, constantly changing - something that seems to be making the hikes more and more popular.  Our last two hikes had between 16 and 20 scouts attending, along with their families!

A huge bucket of thanks needs to be passed out to the three guys who work continually to bring an awesome outdoor program to the Pack and most notably of late - the hiking program.  We want to be sure they get their thanks publically, so thank you to:
  • Mike Baker - Hiking Coordinator
  • Jesse Dixon - Outdoor Programs Coordinator
  • John German - Cubmaster
Next time you see these guys let them know how much you appreciate their efforts!

Curious about some of the stats from the hiking club?  Here ya go:
  • Hikes average 2-10 miles in length, and a hiking outline is always provided for the hikers to preview before signing up for the hikes.  We have had Tigers finish every hike we have planned!
  • Each week sees new hikers joining the Hiking Club ranks as they put miles under their feet and earn well deserved awards.
  • Our most active hikers are poised to pass the 50 mile mark with their next hike!
  • We are always welcoming new hikers!
  • We try to build the long hikes with multiple entry/exit points to allow hikers to participate within their comfort level - eventually everyone ends up making the long ones too!
  • Signing up for hikes is easy - watch for the emails releasing the Hike registration, check out the details, review the hike and sign up through the provided Eventbrite link for the specific hike.  (You can always bookmark the Pack's Eventbrite page and check it often for updates as well: Pack 42 Eventbrite Home
  • Miles hiking add up to awards - even for family members!  Everyone is eligible for the Hiking Club, just join us for that first hike!
    • Note: All awards earned with the Hiking Club are supplental and the costs are covered by the individual scout/family - but all are presented at Pack Meetings.
  • You can always track your families miles by checking the Hiking Club Mileage Report, updated with a day or so of each hike.
Come out and enjoy some quality time on the trails with Pack 42!  See you at the next one!

Hiking Mileage Report Posted

posted Sep 29, 2014, 7:59 AM by Webmaster Pack42

That's right, we have been able to get the current Hiking Mileage Report posted for everyone to see the mileage of our scouts and leaders!  The current report summarizes the Hiking Club Miles accrued since 8/31/14 when we initiated the Pack 42 Hiking Club.

If your not on list, you haven't been out with us yet and we want you to join us.  Get up off the couch and join us each weekend as we continue to press on and put miles under our feet.  We are tackling the great National Parks and trails throughout our area:
          • Harpers Ferry National Park
  • Antietam Battlefield National Park
  • Appalachian Trail
  • Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Park
We are already working to expand the program to additonal parks / trails in the area to include Gettysburg Nation Historic Park.

Come out soon and start getting into the hiking mindset so you can enjoy the hikes and awards we have on the horizon!  Our scouts are earning hiking sticks, patches and hiking staff medallion; all the while learning outdoor skills, outdoor ethics and Leave No Trace principles.  We continue to practice the skills we learn on our hikes and always maintain a Leave No Trace mindset.

For more information on the hiking program, please see Mike Baker, Jesse Dixon or John German at any meeting.  You can also email John at for more information.

In the meantime, check our the Mileage Report and see how your, and the other scouts, are doing.  The list is sorted in alphabetical order by last name.

See ya on the trail!

Cub Scout Triathlon

posted Aug 5, 2014, 6:49 AM by Webmaster Pack42

Cub Scout Triathletes - Heck Yeah!!!

It's on and Pack 42 is going to be a part of it!  We are looking for any of our scouts that have the determination and adventure to take a shot at participating in a Cub Scout Triathlon.

National Capitol Area Council is hosting this event at Camp William B Snyder in Haymarket, VA on Sunday, 24 August - so we know it is a little short notice.

This event is only open to scouts (all ranks), and they must be good swimmers.  If your not quite able to particiapte yet, we would love to have some fans out to root on the scouts that are abel to participate.

Here are the details directly from the event website:

Swim, Bike, Run 

Cub Scouts compete in this test of skill and endurance! 

Scouts will: 
  • Swim 25 meters 
  • Bike 1 mile 
  • Run one mile. 
This is an individual event – each participating scout is to complete all three events. 

Scouts provide their own bikes (thin tires not recommended) and must wear a helmet. Scouts must be capable swimmers; training in advance is a good idea. As always, parents and siblings are welcome to join their scouts along the running and biking portion of the race. 

The scouts will receive a certificate for their participation in the event and awards are provided to the top racers of each rank. This event is exciting to participate in and exciting to watch -- especially as the racers come running over the hill during the last leg of the race and they see the finish line, and the onlookers begin to cheer, the perseverance of the scouts kicks in and they muster up the strength to sprint toward the finish! 

Cost: FREE! 

Registration is at 11 AM. 
The race starts promptly at high noon, but be there an hour early to register and stage your gear!

If your scout is interested in this challenge, please contact John German ( as soon as possible.

Adventure Journal

posted Jul 18, 2014, 11:26 AM by Webmaster Pack42

The Pack 42 Adventure Journal has been launched!  As many may have noticed, the flow of photos and video up to the website to celebrate our adventures has been sloooowwwwww....  Well for Cubmaster John it has been a painstaking process to get what we have compiled and up.

It seems that our current systems simply requires too many moving parts to compile the photos, put them int he correct format, develop a "gallery", upload the gallery to site "a", develop the webpage here, cross link the gallery... you get the picture.

Well we are happy to report that our new system for publishing phtoos and videos is much more streamlined and efficient.  The menue ot the right (our main menu bar) has already been upgraded to list the "ADVENTURE JOURNAL" and we have been hard at work over the past weeks migrating the media we already have over to it and setting it up to integrate into our site.

We are pleased as punch to open the over to our Adventure Journal and encourage you to swing by and take a look.  While we have a good bit of media posted now, we will be continueing to add to it from Cubmaster John's archive.

Along with the photos and video of the of our adventures, we also have the Adventure Blog up on the Journal as well.  You'll want to follow this for  more narrative reports of our adventures as we move forward.  This is a great revision to our website and will save John countless hours of work to share this media with you.

As you will read in the first Adventure Blog entry, this proejct can only be resounding success if we have participation from many sources.  If you can share your photos and videos with us, we can add them to the Adventure Journal and everyone benefits.  Slide on over to the Adventure Journal and read the blog entry.

To share your photos and videos, please email them, or a message about them to: pics&

See you on our necxt adventure and in our Adventure Journal!

Rank Graduation Weekend Approaching

posted Apr 19, 2014, 5:30 AM by Webmaster Pack42

That's right, if you haven't done it yet, mark your calendar to assure you attend this year's Rank Graduation Event and Campout!  The event is scheduled for Saturday, May 31st to Sunday, June 1st!

As with our Fall Kick Off event, this will take place at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds and we have a huge event being planned; one everyone will enjoy.  This is the culminating event of the 2013/2014 scout year and every scout and family member should attend.

This event has two parts: 
Saturday is the rank graduation day that includes the graduation of our scouts to their new ranks.

Saturday night into Sunday is the first overight campout of the new scout year.

We won't be releasing the final details for the event until mid May, but it is important that you mark you calendar now so that you will be sure to attend.  Here is a tease of what you can look forward to:
  • Saturday filled with fun and games
  • Rank Graduation Ceremony
  • New Scout Induction Ceremony
  • Webelos Induction Ceremony
  • Family Cookout
  • Special guests and performances
  • Campfire 
  • Kick off campout for the summer sessionr
  • Fun and fellowship in scouting throught the event
I know its very general now, but more details will follow in the coming weeks.  I believe some of the sports programs will possibly still be running at this time, so we will be scheduling the activities to allow your scouts to attend their games without missing out on the big items of the day.

This is an event for the entire family and we encourage you to bring everyone to share in the fun and exciutement of this great day to see your scout advance along the Cub Scout Trail.

Add this event to you calendar now!

Bushcraft Campout = Tons of Fun!

posted Apr 15, 2014, 1:30 PM by Webmaster Pack42

An awesome teepee that the Bushcraft School has.
Pack 42 enjoyed an early spring campout, dub'd "Bushcraft Campout" while attending the Outdoor Enthusiasts Festival at North American Bushcraft School this past weekend (April 12-13).  Throughout the weekend, our scouts, leaders and families had a great time learning about primitive living and survival skills while enjoying an incredible weekend in nature.  Nothing beats a weekend away from the rat race, enjoyed with your family and friends without the intrusion of technology.

We had the opportunity to learn about primitive fire starting, hide tanning, natural bow making, forging, tomahawk throwing, shelters, and so much more; all while experiencing our first campout of the season.  We were even fortunate enough to be able to take part in some of the skills (tomahawk throwing) and spent some time at our site trying out what we had learned.

More than anything else, this event provided the means for us to shake the cobwebs off our gear and remind us of what the important things in life are - family and friends. That is not to say that we did not take away a few skills you can expect to see in our upcoming camping/hiking opportunities; because you can count on that.

In the "you run into scout folks everywhere" files, we were not the only scout group on site for the weekend; there were two other groups that joined the event - although not as large as our group.  We also ran into our District Commissionor and had the opportunity to broaden the Pack 42 legend by showing our pride and enthusiasm.

By far, one of the most fun parts of the weekend has to have been the drum circle on Saturday night.  This was a great time for the scouts, leaders and families to cut loose and make some noise in a community music experience where everyone was playing an instrument and keeping rhythm.

This was an experience that everyone will take with them and we look forward to our next event to keep the 'outing' in Scouting!

Get access to all of the pictures and videos we have from the event by visiting the Gallery Page Here!

You can submit your photos and or/videos for inclusion in the gallery by emailing pics& or seeing Cubmaster John.

YouTube Channel Officially Launched

posted Apr 15, 2014, 11:10 AM by Webmaster Pack42

You TubeThat's right fellow Pack 42ers, we have officially lauched our YouTube channel!  So all of you social media and YouTube junkies head on over and subscribe to the channel.  You will find these videos popping up amonst the many stories on the website and often alerted through Facebook, but the best way to see all of the latest videos is to follow us on YouTube too!  Not everything gets a dedicated post on the website, but it will still be uploaded to YouTube.

We will keep the YouTube channel stocked with any footage we can find of Pack 42 having fun!  We already have videos up from the robotics lab event and the Pinewood Derby; keep watching over the comming days because we will be uploading videos from the Bushcraft Campout and any other video we can find from the year so far.

Check out the channel
Pack 42 YouTube Channel

2014 Spring Pinewood Derby In The Books!

posted Mar 29, 2014, 8:13 AM by Webmaster Pack42   [ updated Mar 30, 2014, 8:22 AM ]

Our 2014 Pinewood Derby is in the books and our inaugural races on the new track went spendidly!

With over 50 cars in the race, we had a great turnout and welcomed the inauguration of two new race categories by adding the Outlaw Division and our Family Division.

From the looks of everyone on race day it seemed like fun was in the air and everyone was enjoying the day.  We had a lot of very fast cars and creativity amongst our scouts and non-scout entries.

Thanks to the donation of our new track, we were able to run the event we had dreamed of, and provide our scout family plenty of opportuntiy to have fun.  As this was the first race event for the leadership to develop and run on their own, they did a great job as well.  You can expect the next event to go beyond this one in fun and experience; the leadership team has a page of Lesson Learned notes to build upon.

I want to pass along special thanks to Jesse Dixon, Leo Bonner and Kevin Johnson who gave up two Saturdays of their time leading up to the event to work on the track and assure we had a smooth and properly assembled track to run on.  Additional thanks to those folks that remained behind on race day to help us break down the set up and clean up the Asbury Center.
2014 Spring Pinewood Derby

If your interested in seeing more on the Derby, head on over to our GALLERY PAGE for the derby for photos and videos.  If you haev images and/or video you are willing to sahre with the Pack, you can email it to pics& or see the cubmaster at any meetings.

What you really want to know is how everyone did - well I think they all did great!  The new track gives us a lot of data that we will be sharing with each of the racers to show them just how great they did.  Pack 42 will be presenting a number of recognition awards this year for the great effort each racer put into their car:
  1. All partricipants will receive a full color certificate* with a report on how their car performed.
  2. All registerd Scouts will receive the 2014 Pinewood Derby patch
  3. Top 3 Finishers in Pack Championship will receive trophies + title specific certificate
  4. Top 3 Finishers in Each Den will receive medals + title specific certificate
  5. Top 3 Finishers in Family Division will receive medals + title specific certificate
  6. Top Finisher in Outlaw will receive a medal + title specific certificate
*The certificates for this years awards were designed by the Pack, for the pack, making them unique and specific to our racers.*

OK enough holding back, here are your standings for each division.  We have decided to only post the top finishers for each division; this decision is based on not wanting anyone to feel bad about their finish, but to still allow us to celebrate those racers who excelled.  However, we are going to provide you the means of downloading a digital copy of your car's certificate that is suitable for sharing on social media - this way you can still show off your pride, no matter what place you finished.  Only the top 3 finishers have their place idenfied on the certificate, however all of the certificate show the racers name, division, car time and car speed.


Pack 42 Chamionship
The four fastest cars amongst the scouts, regardless of Rank. Top 3 receiving awards.
  1. David Hippchen
  2. AJ German
  3. Austin Jenkins
  4. Julius Bonner
Den Specific Champions
The four fastest cars among the individual Dens.  Top 3 receiving awards.

 Tiger Den Division
  1. David Hippchen
  2. Austin Jenkins
  3. Braydon Thomas
  4. Wyatt Coons
 Wolf Den Division
  1. Chris Ortwein
  2. Benjamin Burnette
  3. Ryan Johnson
  4. Ethan Meagher
 Bear Den Division
  1. Juluis Bonner
  2. AJ German
  3. Matthew Hippchen
  4. Jacob Dixon

Family Division
Non-Scout racers that built their car to official Grand Prix specs.  Top 3 receiving awards.
  1. Gunnar Baker
  2. Katherine Bonner
  3. Jesse Dixon
  4. Mason Meagher
Outlaw Division
Any car built outside of the official Grand Prix specs.  Only top finisher receiving award.
  1. Byron and Dylan Royal
  2. Chris Ortwein
  3. Steve Straus
  4. Jason Monson
In honor of his Pack Championship in the 2014 Pack 42 Spring Pinewood Derby, we have selected David Hippchen's certificate to featue:

All of the race certificates are avaialble for download FROM HERE.  This is a private access folder, you can only access it through the link provided; because of the large file size due to the heavy graphics, we have provided them in both PDF and JPEG files for you.  The PDF is a hi-rez version of the certificate suitable for additional printing; the jpeg file is perfect for sharing on social media and such.  


Watch for announcements of our next Pinewood Derby Event!

Scout Certificates Available On Line

posted Mar 29, 2014, 8:00 AM by Webmaster Pack42   [ updated Mar 29, 2014, 8:08 AM ]

That's right, we have created a file share that will allow you to download a digital copy of your scouts certificates.  You can find this link on the Documents Page under Parent Documents.

This is a great opportunity for you to have an electronic record of these important awards for your Scout.  In the event the copy we issued them is lost or detroyed, you have a backup that you can have printed.  Moreover, this is a great means of sharing your Scout's special achievements through social media or email to friends and family abroad.

This archive will only represent Certificates the Pack develop,  We are not able to provide archive of award certificates that are pruchased from BSA.

Currently, we have the following certificates uploaded:
  • 2013 Pinewood Derby Certificates
  • 2013 NOVA Certificates 
  • 2013 Polar Bear Patrol Inductees
  • 2014 Scout Strong Certificates
And yes, as soon as they are presented to the racers, the 2014 Pinewood Derby Certificates will be posted too.

Enjoy!  If you need assistance, please contact our webmaster at

Civil War Preservation Trust Park Day

posted Mar 21, 2014, 8:57 AM by Webmaster Pack42

It's SERVICE PROJECT with benefits time!

Not that particiapting in a service project that benefits the community is not enough, but when you can do it and satisfy project requirements too, we call that a JACKPOT!

That is what we have found for the morning hours of April 5th.  We are going to be participating in Antietam Battlefield's participation in the Civil War Preservation Trust Park Day.  This is a community service event that benefits the battlefield and gets it ready for the visiting season.

For the Scouts, this is a great opportunity to take part in a service project that benefits a park that we take full advantage of throught the year.  In addition, this project will meet requirements toward Leave No Trace, Outdoor Ethics and Cub Scout Conservation.

Service Projects are an important part of Scouting and instill great values in our boys.  Understanding that service to others, as well as something greater than ourselves, is the foundation of good citizenship.  We look forward to seeing many of you participate in this great opportunity.

To get all fo the details and sign up to participate in the project, head over to the EVENT PAGE - you can also get to it by visiting the Outing and Events page.

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